In the frame for a long time

Frame in an old castle

While visiting Varenna, by the lake Como we where hiking in the mountains. One day we visited an old castle, Castello di vezio, situated on e hill above the city. Here we found some statues that was a bit different from the others we saw on the trip. They was where simplified and without faces. This one was sitting “in” the wall of the castle. You can read more about the Castel here.

This post is an entry in the weekly photo challenge, this weeks theme is frame. See more entries here.


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4 thoughts on “In the frame for a long time”

  1. […] Kerlundphoto In the frame for a long time […]

  2. Bravo! I love the way you choose your photo subjects. Inventive. Provocative. Instructive. This “Timeless Entity” you discovered could be the front cover of a book about ancient times impinging its influence on the present. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day.

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you very much, such a wonderful comment?

    2. You are most welcome. 🙂

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