Soon it will be a new year: 2016

Another year has come to an end

A Happy New 2016 to all my readers and followers! See you next year!



Below you can see the 6 photos from 2015 that have got the most likes from you. I hope you will enjoy and if you wish to you can vote on your favorite in the end of this post. This would be appreciated, it helps me understand what kind of photos you prefer:)

summer summary












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5 thoughts on “Soon it will be a new year: 2016”

  1. #2 is my favourite! She seems such a proud Mum.

    1. Oh no, I got the numbering wrong, I mean #3 of course!

      1. Kerlund74

        🙂 I see what you mean! She does, I haven’t thought about that before. Thank you:)

  2. Happy New Year !!!

    My favorite it’s #6 .

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you so much:-)

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