Finding serenity in nature


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I find peace by the sea. There is nothing more calming than watching the water, the sky and just feel the nature surrounding. That is serenity for me.

I have lived near the archipelago all my life and I often go there, its beautiful all seasons, and it always offers peace to my mind.

The photos for this weeks challenge is taken in a place I used to pass every day to work. The mornings where stunning. A new day begins and that is a beautiful thing. Watching it by the sea is almost overwhelming, for me:)

Photos can hardly give justice to the real views but I hope these will show some of its greatness.

The new day begins and offers new opportunities. Every new day is a great gift. We should feel gratitude and salute every new day.


17 thoughts on “Finding serenity in nature

  1. What a wonderful view to pass each day to work.. and yes Nature and we are one.. we find our balance when back in nature and she soothes all of our stresses we obtain in the material world..
    beautiful captures.. xxx

    1. Thank you very much! Nature is almost all we need… It feel like I belong there every time I go out in the forest/to the sea.

  2. I know what you mean by the morning light on the sea being almost overwhelming. When I go to the beach at sunset it is so beautiful sometimes it is like being in a dream. Your photos capture the serenity of the ocean and the beach really well. Thanks for sharing.

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