Femöre a wonderful archipelago nearby

In my hometown, where I grow up, we had a huge industry… We had a huge harbor with a lot of shipping to and from the industry. But there also is a fantastic and beautiful archipelago. The small town is situated just by the Baltic sea, and there are some wonderful views. I usually still go out there, at all season. The photos below is taken in January, a day with cold weather but no snow. I will in a later post come back here, to Femöre as it is called, in a day with plenty of snow.

The light in the winter is amazing, and the colors are so characteristic for winter. The sun is not getting so high up:



DSC_0968 kopia

And finally the same house with the bell outside across the water:



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12 thoughts on “Femöre a wonderful archipelago nearby”

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much:) It really is a great place as well!

  1. Incredibly beautiful and so peaceful looking

  2. Amy

    How wonderful you can go there all seasons! Beautiful captures, especially the first one!

    1. Linda

      Yes it is a great opportunity:) thx!

  3. Great series of photographs – serene, places I could really enjoy.

    1. Thank you:) Glad you like it, it really is a nice place.

  4. Lovely low light! the first shot is gorgeous.

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much:-)

  5. Love your depiction of the winter light and colour.

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