February rain

I have not been taken any photos for several weeks now. Today my plan was to get a lot of photos from a wonderful place by the creek. I got about ten photos, then the rain was start to fall. A lot of rain… February is supposed to be a month with lots of snow, but not this year. Well here are my best shots of today.    Minstad




Here the “fun” ends and I return home:Grådask


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4 thoughts on “February rain”

  1. February is being a rainy month here too, in Spain. The good part is that we’ll have a beautiful spring 🙂
    What a creek!! It carries a lot of water.

    1. Linda

      Yes we will have a beautiful spring:) I can hardly wait…
      Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment!

  2. I relate to the weather, but this place looks good even if the day is grey

    1. Linda

      Yes it is really wonderful:) Thank you for comments!

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