February nature pictures

February usually are a month filled with snow. Not this time though… Here are some nature pictures that I took last weekend, and as you can see the snow is gone. The weather was really nice, about +7 °C, my children run around like happy calves. Feels like spring is here! But somehow I have learned that spring in February comes without any guaranties, there can and probably will be more snow. But for now; we had a great time outside!DSC_0877






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10 thoughts on “February nature pictures”

  1. That’s what it looks like also around were I live . It has only six time in past hundred years been this warm in February!

    1. Linda

      Yes it really is an odd winter this year…

  2. Same here, your photo’s echo hereabouts…. for it’s so balmy, you feel that something ‘wicked’ waits round the weather corner. x

    1. Linda

      Yes, we have to wait and see what the weather will bring us…

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much:)

  3. There hasn’t been a lot of snow here either this winter. I don’t go skiing, so I don’t really care. I only need a few days of snow to shoot some photos and that’s it!

    1. Linda

      The same for me:) I took a few photos, but not enough. But I think it is ok that the snow had disappeared:)

  4. Elena Caravela

    I very much want to “like” but the button seems to be stuck:)

    1. Linda

      Hm, strange, happens from time to time and I don’t know why… But thank you:)

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