Every sunrise is unique

Every sunrise is the beginning of a new day, a new lifcycle. Photos of both sunsets and sunrises are very common, but still none of them are exactly the same.

This saturday in December it is real cold outside, and a fantastic light and mood. And of course also unique:)

So this morning I decided to go out just before the sunrise and take some photos. Cold but indeed beautiful.

image image image

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12 thoughts on “Every sunrise is unique”

  1. Ny hemsida? Snyggt! Och härliga, fina bilder!

    1. Linda

      Ja:) tänker att jag behöver mer än “365-blig:) Tack!

  2. Wonderful photos! I love them all, especially the first!

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much:)

  3. if you are out and about in the early hours of the morning you will experience something special.

    1. Linda

      Yes, it is a great time of the day:)

  4. Gorgeous! Where are these? I love the light/dark interplay.

    1. Linda

      Thx:) It is taken at the east coast of Sweden.

  5. Christer Trogstam

    Wonderful pictures! But it seems cold. Happy to be asleep at that time of the day!

    1. Linda

      The best time of the day, fantastic light and colors:) You should try to get out in the morning!

  6. Beautiful sunrises! In a way I love them more than sunsets, because they are easier to miss, still deep in your sleep!

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) And yes they are “harder” to catch.

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