December sun in the archipelago

Just before lunchtime me and my children went out to the archipelago. It is nearby, only 15 minutes by car. A lot of rainy days is now followed by some sun. It was not even cold, looks like a day in March, except for the suns position, really low… We enjoyed some hot chocolate and I took some time with my camera. Fantastic day, a lot of new energy:-)


Some silhouettes in the backlight, my children and a lifebuoy situated near, feels safe…


What are they looking at, then? There was a lot of swans in the water.


Here just a few of them in a distans. Fantastic light today!

I captured a small isthmus as well, I do like the almost brown seagrass.


There was a lot of photos today, I will publish some more of them in my next post.


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8 thoughts on “December sun in the archipelago”

  1. That light looks really great! And I like the green in the background of the life-saver. Looking forward to the other photos.

    1. Linda

      Thank you, it was kind of magic light out there:-)

      1. That are the right words for that light. 🙂

        1. Linda

          Yes, nice that it shows in the photos, that is not always the case…

  2. Nice photographs. Looks like you had fun. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) Yes a really nice day outside!

  3. That low light is beautiful! Så vackert.

    1. Linda

      Tack så mycket:-)

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