December sun in the archipelago

Just before lunchtime me and my children went out to the archipelago. It is nearby, only 15 minutes by car. A lot of rainy days is now followed by some sun. It was not even cold, looks like a day in March, except for the suns position, really low… We enjoyed some hot chocolate and I took some time with my camera. Fantastic day, a lot of new energy:-)


Some silhouettes in the backlight, my children and a lifebuoy situated near, feels safe…


What are they looking at, then? There was a lot of swans in the water.


Here just a few of them in a distans. Fantastic light today!

I captured a small isthmus as well, I do like the almost brown seagrass.


There was a lot of photos today, I will publish some more of them in my next post.


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