Blogging 101; write to your dream reader

My participation in “blog university” (zero to hero) have reached day  number 6. Today my task is to write for my “dream reader”. This is a hard challenge, of course I have always tried to post things for my readers… This task really made me think, all day actually, now the clock soon passes midnight and I am finally on my way to write this post:)

I must say that my “dream reader” are a person that will tell me what he or she thinks about my photos and posts. This might be a bit tricky of course, most people comment if they like and leave if they don’t. I would like some more feed back from time to time. Finally I come up with an idea how to encourage my readers to leave that input. I think I have to do some more work on the concept, maybe find some plugin for voting.

To try my concept I have linked up 10 of my Instagram photos to this post. I would like you to tell me which of them you like the most and which you will put last on your list. Please also tell me, shortly, why you feel this way, that will hopefully give me some input about things to improve in my photos.

I have tagged the photos with numbers below each photo to make it easier to mention the ones you prefer/don’t prefer.












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10 thoughts on “Blogging 101; write to your dream reader”

  1. What a great idea! Personally, I like #3 best . There is something serene about the single boat in the water. I also love the repeated angles of the boat slip. I gives an interesting pattern. I think #4 is the one I like least, only because it is a little underexposed. I generally love sunset/sunrise pictures and the muted colors. Your flowers are beautiful. Good luck with the blog!

    1. Linda

      Thank you! This was a great feed back, it is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this post, thank you for taking time to give this input!

  2. There is no change to range them in order! the are so beautiful all of them. The one like most is nr 1 and i put nr 2 last. The other one is in place 2 all of them. I want to be a better photograph and take picture like those. The one I put first is because you have caught the wave in the water so i really can smell the sea. We had a 12 meter boat when I was a kid. All nr 2 is because they are picture I want to take and the last one is because nothing happens in it.

    1. Linda

      Thank you! That was a kind and informative comment:) The thing about number 2 I have never thought of, interesting and also true. Thx for taking time to read and comment, much appreciated!

  3. All photos are wonderful,.
    I choose the picture number 2 by their perspective, color of the water and beautiful light.

    The next on my list of favorites is the number 4, and the last the number 10

    1. Linda

      Thank you for visiting and for taking time to comment:) Always appreciated!

  4. This is a great idea. I think that you can also add a “vote” option to each photo, I’ve not tried it yet, but I have seen it on other sites. Personally, I really like the repeating patterns in #3 and the way the blue of the boat stands out. I also like the way you have used back lighting in #4, it’s very effective. Your flower close ups are superb, great use of colour. These are a great set of images, thanks for sharing them. 🙂

    1. Linda

      Thank you Katie, great to hear that:) I will look into available plugins for voting, that might be good to use sometimes. Thx a lot for visiting:)

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