Blogging 101; A Penny for Your Thoughts

Third day of Blogging 101

The assignment for the day is to write the post I wanted to write when I began blogging or as I see it; write a post about why I created this blog.

Why do I blog?

I have for many years been passionate about photography. It have been some photos during the years. Many photos with my kids, my garden and so on. I actually got in to the blogging world when I saw an announced challenge. The challenge was about to take 365 photos on different themes, one each day of the year (2013). That was my first blogging experience. The blog was about the challenge and my goal was to improve my creativity and photo technique. The blog was written in Swedish.

After almost 11 months of publishing photos every day I created this blog, “kerlundphoto”. The main purpose for  this was that I actually wanted to have a blog written in english. I wanted to reach more people and also create more communication opportunities. Another purpose was that I wanted to continue my improvement in photography and still have the pressure to   photograph as often as possible. Blogging put’s that pressure on me and demands me to be creative and to improve all the time. I have to improve to give my followers something they haven’t seen before.

Still I am strict with what I chose to publish. I am not a “human-photographer”. This might be a next step for me, but for now I stick to my idea of places, nature and gardening. My thought from the start was based on the fantastic views  Sweden offer and to share these. I have not been strict there, because the world offers more beautiful places and I am happy to be able to share some of them as well.

The photos below are based on my idea about this blog; photos from Sweden.


blogging 101

blogging 101

blogging 101

blogging 101



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12 thoughts on “Blogging 101; A Penny for Your Thoughts”

  1. HI there Linda, your passion shows in your beautiful photo’s… many thanks for sharing them. For so many people the only way to see other countries is through others eyes, their photographs… Add to that the excelence of the ‘captures’ the light and the spectacular views.. well, you serve up a banquet to enjoy. xPenx

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much, your comment are really appreciated! I am glad that you think that my purpose shows in my posts:) Have a great weekend!

  2. lady

    hi linda,
    definitely agree with the comment above, your photos took us somewhere that we could not or may not be physically go but can vividly see the nice view through your photographs.
    i love the first photo.. i mean the second one.. its as if there is an emotion hidden into it.

    1. Linda

      Hi! I really appreciate to read your thoughts about my photos, thank you for sharing them:)

  3. Bill

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on blogging and have a wonderful weekend, Linda.

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) Have a great weekend!

  4. While I don’t believe I’ll be able to contribute to your photography abilities – the auto function on a camera is my best friend – I can pledge to help out on the creativity side!

    1. Linda

      That would be just fine:) The great thing is that we all are good at different things! Thank you for visiting me back:)

  5. Stopping by from hero to zero! Wow you have some great photos! I love photography too and never been to Sweden – so am enjoying your scenery from the other side of the world.

    1. Linda

      Hi and thank you:) That really is the great thing with blogging and internet; to share things from everywhere on earth! Thx for stopping by:)

  6. These are so beautiful Linda. I especially love the 2nd and 4th photo.

    Btw, thanks for liking my recent post 🙂


    1. Linda

      Thank you:) I appreciate your comment and your visit! Have a great day!

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