Black and white -simple but powerful


I love black and white photos. But it is hard to get them good. When the colors are gone we are left to mix with contrast, shadows and light. It can be hard work but can also be a hit when you succeds. Here are some photos I have edited in Photoshop. The first photo is from last summer, a bridge nearby. The beautiful wallpainting is taken in Stockholm. The portrait is of Christer, the painter you can find in this blog.

image image image

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9 thoughts on “Black and white -simple but powerful”

  1. sirpa mononen

    these grey days are perfect for black and white photography 😉

  2. Lynn

    Well done! I know it’s not always so easy. And thanks for the visit, and your comments.

    1. Linda

      Thx to you as well:)

  3. Black and white is truly artistic, well done photos.

  4. Elena Caravela

    Really good!

  5. good selection, of B&W photos, the first to appeal to me greatly!

    1. Linda

      Thank you! I am glad you like them:)

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