Black and white -or not?

I now have started to get tired of my lack of inspiration. The weather outside is +2 °C and grey, grey, grey. This has been the story for the last week now. My inspiration to go out to take photos is zero… This is not really fun, so I started to dig in my “pile” of photos that are stored in my computer. I found these photos taken during summer of 2012. The weather was not so good that summer, a lot of rain, but still so much more pleasant to look at than the current weather situation;-)

I also made b&w versions of my photos, some is better, I think, than the colored ones. But some looks better in color. What do you think about it? I believe b&w can really be striking in some photos. I did not expect that to happen with a photo of flowers, but look at the last photos in this post!

view view bw


Nynas Nynas bw

Magic_leaves Magic_leaves bw


house house bw

Evening_skies Evening_skies bw

Flower Flower bw

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