Another cold winter day in the archipelago

Cold winter day

Another ice cold winter day in the archipelago. The light is just magic, the sun is shining while the snow reflects the sunshine.

The sky was so incredible blue, it made a wonderful contrast to the white snow. I love the light in the winter, and the cold, crispy air.

Imagine being out there, surrounded by light, from the sun, from the snow and from the ice. I feel so filled with new energy, its a great feeling:)

An excellent day for hiking and an excellent way to boost some energy for the new week at work.

cold winter day


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2 thoughts on “Another cold winter day in the archipelago”

  1. Looks absolutely Beautiful…. Many thanks for sharing.. wishing you a wonderful new week.. Love and Blessings Sue

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you so much! I hope you get the best of weeks<3

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