An old church and a clock tower

All buildings have their history and own “personality”. This church is build during the 13th century as far as we know, exact year is not known. The gate looks inviting and as I see it beautiful.


The church it self is built during the 13th century, as far as we know, but the excact year is not known. It is called “Allahelgonakyrkan” and is one out of two houses that did not get destructed during a fire in 1719. The rest of the town was completely ruined.

image image

I left the church and went up a hill, came across a clock tower, built in 1725. I think the maintainance could have been better but the red color is fantastic!





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14 thoughts on “An old church and a clock tower”

  1. The old clock and buildings are wonderful, Annie

    1. Linda

      Yes they are, I love old buildings:) Thx for your visit!

  2. Very beautiful and serene in feel. We were thinking alike because I just took church photos myself. I will not get to post them for awhile though.

    1. Linda

      Thank you! Churches are wonderful buildings. So worth it to take photos of, great thinking:)

  3. What beautiful pictures, Linda!!! Such a wonderful piece of architecture

  4. Beautiful photos! I like the red colour of the last one.

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) So so I!

  5. beautiful looking church 🙂

    1. Linda

      Yes it really is:-)

  6. Lovey photos of this lovely old church. 🙂

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