An evening walk in my June garden

Flowers in my June garden

An evening walk, starting out in my June garden resulted in some discoveries and a few photos.

Thought I haven’t been online many hours the last weeks, I thought it was time to get some inspiration and new photos. The weather have been terrible lately and my inspiration have been lacking.

I have had a week off, with my kids home from school. There haven’t been much time for me online then, I have spent many wonderful hours with my kids instead:)

Tonight I finally got out on an evening walk, the weather was at least OK. Not sunny but not raining either. And I discovered a lot of fantastic roses in my garden. Things happen when I stay out of my garden for some days. Amazingly the bushes was all covered with roses and also the clematis has a lot of flowers. Summer keeps struggling even if there are cold weather and a lot of rain.

Here are some photos from my garden, just a few, but I have chosen my favorite flowers for now, next week there will be others:)

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5 thoughts on “An evening walk in my June garden”

  1. y.p.

    wonderful = love the upshot int he first photo – but so beautiful – 🙂

    1. y.p.

      sorry about the “typos”

      I mean to say I love the upshot view “in the” first one – and then it was supposed to say,
      but “ALL pics are” so beautiful. ha!

  2. Time with kids is always preferable — but it’s nice to see you back in the blogosphere again, and your photos are beautiful!

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you:) The kids always goes first… It might be a lot of that during summer, which is really great, a wonderful time:)

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