A boat trip on the Grand Canal

We choose not to visit Venice city when we went to Lido de Venezia in July, because we had my children with us and also; 1: to crowded, 2: to hot… We come up with the great idea that we should on our return trip take the 40 min trip along the Grand Canal on a water bus (Vaporetto). We got to see a lot of beautiful buildings and small canals, without having to “fight” a lot of other tourists. I do recommend it! We did go for lunch at a place near the bus station before leaving for the airport. The pizzas was far more expensive than on Lido where we had spent our week…

Shortly after we took of, we got another Vaporetto in front of us.


This is a while before we entered the Grand Canal:


Some great houses in Venice, I love all kinds of houses and these are not to bad:-)


Of course there was a lot of gondols, and these seemed to follow us…



I just had to put this small boat in my post. Well used, and not so much taken care of. This is taken at one of many “bus stops” on our way.


Passing the Rialto bridge, I choose a bit different perspective for my photo:


Just next to Rialto bridge there was a market place. Wonderful houses and some subtile play between lights and shadow on some of the walls. The window ledges was s part of that I think.


The next one I have posted before, but it really is a favorite that makes me dream away…


I will finnish this post with a few pigeons, drinking water, just next to the place we had lunch. Because, what is Venice without its pigeons?


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4 thoughts on “A boat trip on the Grand Canal”

  1. What a lovely “photo trip” to Venice. I remember it so clearly, though it was many years ago that I was there. And the pigeons? What a perfect way to end this photo-journey. : )

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) It really is a very special place!

  2. Amy

    You really have capture the beauty of the Venice! Thank you for sharing, Linda!

    1. Linda

      Thank you for kind comments! Glad you like it!

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