A black and white experience in Linköping

On my trips, far away, and close, I like to see and shoot photos of houses. This is some old houses in Linköping, and I do believe that black and white suits that old style well.

What is the thing about houses then? I am not sure but I think they all tells a story. They are all individuals whit marks of weather and time and so on. You can tell if a house have been loved or ignored, it sure is fascinating!







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10 thoughts on “A black and white experience in Linköping”

  1. Lovely photos, the first speaks to me the most!

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much:-)

  2. Myckket vackert! Blev snyggt och lyckat med de svartvita bilderna!

    1. Linda

      Tack! Jag gullar verkligen svartvitt, speciellt när det är lite äldre miljöer.

  3. Great compositions – perfect in black & white!

  4. Love the perspective on that first one!

    1. Linda

      Thank you, glad you like it:)

  5. I like well loved houses too.

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