Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I noticed I am a bit behind in my posting. Already a new week, must be all the holidays…

I also live in the north and now it is rather cold outside, I think I need all the warmth I can get. I will enjoy all other entries this week to really get a lot of wonderful warmth from the photos:)

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To be given flowers is wonderful and I think it warms my heart, especially the red roses:) Red is the color of love and passion.

I hope you will enjoy my entry for this theme.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Yellow is a color that makes me think of the autumn. The wonderful leaves that are all around… This weeks photo shows a huge leaf on my sunflower, which was dying at that point. Sad but still very beautiful.

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Have a great weekend!


WPC: Gone, but not forgotten

Gone, but not forgotten might be a bit sad…
And it might bring some bright memories.
It also might bring us back to another life, at least that is what it seems like…

For this weeks theme I chose something personal and something from a period when I was taking photos mainly for documentation. I lived in a wonderful place on the countryside. My garden was my biggest passion. Photos were taken every year to see the differences and to plan for the next season. I miss that place a lot, even five years after I moved away from there. But I miss it with bright and joyful memories. Everything in life have it’s time and place and every new passage brings new joys and opportunities.

The best time in the garden was spring and early summer and the cherry tree blossoms where amazing:)

Of course I would like to have such a wonderful garden some other time, but till then I can enjoy my photos:)

To see more entries in the weekly photo challenge, please click on this link: Weekly Photo challenge: Gone, but not forgotten.

Time for a break?
Time for a break?
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom
Gone, but not forgotten
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom


Weekly photo challenge: converge

Converge this weeks theme in the weekly photo challenge (click on the link to read more).

The theme seamed easy at first… Then it seamed difficult… And at last I had to decide, but I still could not choose which approach I should have. The result is shown below, my entry this weeks consists of two photos from some seascapes with wonderful lines and vanishing points.

The other photos shows a lot of lines, different shapes and horizons, they are taken in Paris.

I hope you enjoy my photos and that you also get some inspiration to participate in the challenge this week.


Weekly photo challenge: angular

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This post is my entry in weekly photo challenge. This weeks theme is angular. The photos show houses with and from different angles.

I love houses and all angles they make. Between windows, walls and other houses. Here are some examples and I have a lot more:) I hope you enjoy these, it was not easy to just pick some…

Rooftops in Linköping, Sweden

View from a hotel in Paris


Weekly photo challenge: Nighttime

Nighttime in the weekly photo challenge

This post is an entry in the weekly photo challenge on the theme nighttime. To read more or to participate, please click on the link.

I think nighttime photography is awesome, and hard to accomplice. I don’t have a tripod which results in high ISO (1600) and photos that not are so sharp and clear that I want them to be. In my photos for this week you will se one handheld photo with ISO 1600 but you will also see some photos from last December, where I’d borrowed a tripod (ISO is just  set to 100).

I like the sharpness in the later photos, but the first one contains more of a story with a couple sitting on a beach in the night. I hope you will enjoy my entry and I am also checking on yours to se what you have chosen for this theme.

A lonely couple
A lonely couple
The calm water
The calm water
Another water capture
Another water capture

Weekly Photo Challenge: silhouette

Weekly Photo Challenge: silhouette

This post is an entry in WP Daily Post weekly photo challenge. To see more entries or to participate, please click the link above! The theme for this week is silhouette, an artistic expression in photography if you ask me. I think silhouettes can be amazing and though they don’t show too much details they actually tell the pictures story. Amazing and fascinating.

My first photo is taken in the archipelago, late in December last year. The sun doesn’t get high up at that time of the year so all day is a “golden hour”. My kids and I had a day outdoors with some lunch out on the lonely beach. A great day:)

A day by the sea

Next photo is taken on an evening walk, when the light was the same but this time it is taken in March and spring has arrived:)

Evening walk in the springtime
Evening walk in the springtime

Weekly photo challenge: contrast


A contrast might be a lot of different things. It might be a color different from the surrounding or a shadow. I might also be a lonely flower in the street and so on.

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Last evening I spent in one of my favorite places, situated in our archipelago. I went to a place where I have been many times, but it’s always amazing. This time there where a light wind and wonderful sounds from the sea. I always love the views, the smell from water and also the calmness it brings me.

Our weather is a bit moody this summer. We noticed it had just rained before we got there but the sun just returned. It created a wonderful evening light with great skies.

Of to the challenge now… The first to photos shows the same place at winter and now when it’s summer. You can spot a part of a cabin, that is  where the lighthouse personnel lived during the years 1867-1954. The belfry were used to warn ships in misty weather.

Next photo shows the lighthouse, I like the contrast between manmade and nature.

The lighthouse
The lighthouse

The last photo for this challenge shows a silhouette of a man standing on a rock just beside the lighthouse.

Silhouette on a rock

Now it’s time for a poll, please tell me which photo do you favor? You might use multiple choices. The poll is open until 10th of July 2014.

Weekly photo challenge: between


I have been through my archives this time and I found some photos that are “between”, literally. I wished to find something more sophisticated, but these will do… The photos are taken in London and Paris and shows only some objects to illustrate the theme of this week. Please feel free to give me your thoughts in the comment field below.

There are a lot of other wonderful entries in this weeks challenge, you can find them here: Weekly photo challenge: between

The first photo is taken an early morning in January in London. The window opener looked very “Photo kind” and I think it is a great detail. I also love the soft colors and patterns at the window.

Window detail between the blinds

Looking out through the window there was some wonderful small gardens. I love the contrast between the plants and the rough tiles on the walls. Makes interesting photos.

Small garden
Small garden in a backyard, London

In larger cities the spaces to park is rather small… I always wonder how they manage to get out of there. n the other hand the cars in cities have some bumps and scratches;) I guess it is not easy to drive here.

Narrow street
Narrow street in Paris

Weekly Photo Challenge: extra, extra

What’s extra in a photo?

This weeks challenge, “extra”, makes my brain and creativity work a bit harder than it usually does;) And that is fun, and also how a challenge works.

To read more posts in the challenge, or to participate please click this link: Weekly Photo Challenge.

I have been searching my archives to find something “extra”, I have been looking and judging. Finally I ended up in my own interpretation, of course. There are no “correct” interpretation, like there never are when it comes to artistic expressions. This in fact means that I have chosen some photos that I think have something extra. If you agree, or don’t agree, please tell me in the comments field. Feedback are always welcome! I especially love the huge cup of tea, and the carrot bracelet that matches the carrot.

Weekly photo challenge: room

A room is a space or a place

It might be a home, a school, an office, a hotel or almost everything

A room is also a sphere where people meet or it can be a garden, a toilet or a boat

It is also a place to rest or where I can put my sofa

The interpretation is free and the viewer will judge:)

Enjoy my views of different rooms:

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Weekly photo challenge: twist

Weekly Photo Challenge for week 22

This post is an entry in the DailyPost weekly photo challenge on the theme “twist”. My entry is represented by the unexpected and some humor. For more posts on this theme or to participate, click the link above!

Photos on this theme was a bit difficult to find. I have never actually thought about “making” a twist when I take photos, it’s more of a coincidence if I have accomplished that… I am not sure whether I have succeeded in my choice of photos this time, you can tell me by voting below the photos.

The photos have different approaches to this weeks challenge. The first I took for another photo challenge on the theme “transparent”. It shows a girl through a glass of water.

The second photo shows a very popular swing in my neighborhood. Kids line up to get the opportunity to go for a ride, not when this photo was taken though. And that might be expected in the winter:)

The third photo is taken in Rome, early in January. The water was really high, the bicycle sign seems to be a bit misplaced. I think this a bit amusing…

The girl behind the glass
The girl behind the glass
Like to go for a ride?
A lot of water on the road
A lot of water on the road

Weekly photo challenge; different artwork

-Weekly photo challenge; different types of artwork-

There are a lot of different types of artwork in this world, a lot of wonderful things to admire.

For me art can be a painting (not a surprise I guess) like these, made by my partner, Christer (see more here).

It can also be a shadow on a wall:

different types of artwork

Architecture are artistic creations, here you can see the concert hall in Uppsala and the Castle of Gripsholm. The Castle is built by Gustav Wasa and was finished in 1537. Today there is a museum with lot of Royal and celebrity portraits from year 1400 and forward. These photos make a great contrast between modern and mediaeval architecture.

Kids are excellent artists, here you can see some artwork in ice:

Icy art
Icy art

Photographies of our great nature is art for me. That is my way to create art. A way to express my passion for the beauty of nature:)

A lonely shore in wintertime
A lonely shore in wintertime

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Weekly photo challenge; on the move

On the move

-Weekly photo challenge-

This post is an entry in the Weekly photo challenge. To read more about this challenge, or participate, please click the link above.

I have chosen a few different ways to be on the move, on land and at sea. Both photos of boats at sea are taken outside Venice, from the island Lido. The first photo shows some speed boats racing just outside the harbor. The second sea photo shows a water bus or Vaporetto, the way to transport people in and outside Venice.

The other two photos are taken in London, one at a market where some person are just rushing by and the other photo shows one of the “new” buses in London. OT but I think that design is rather cool:)

My photos are organized in a slide show. The photos change automatically or just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. If you click below the slide on “FS” you get the slide in full screen, which offers you a greater photo experience!

[flagallery gid=1]

One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise

One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise– 

Please click the link above to read more about the challenge.

Turquoise is an awesome color, I have a photo that I love, one of my favorites. The water is all turquoise in this small lake in the Alps. The lake is called “Annecy Lake” and are situated beside the old town with the same name. An idyllic place, with breathtaking beauty. This photo gives me calm and makes me feel good. This is definitely a place I would like to visit again.

You can read more about my trip to Annecy by clicking this link.

Here is my entry:

Lake Annecy