Love against all ods?

Love against all ods by Mwap38
A picture tell you more than 1000 words… True and a picture can also convey feelings. With this photo I will show that is possible with theese dolls. It is a bit the same fascination that I feel with shadows. You can show and tell a lot this way.

Catching a movement

Borough market by Mwap38
I like to catch movements in my photos. But often the result is not the expected and I have to try again and again. In this photo I think I have made a great work. Sharpness and great depht and a “Natural movement”. Makes the photo a bit more exiting than if there wouldn’t be any movement, don’t you think? The picture is taken at the Borough Market in London when I was there a few weeks ago.
When you need to have a longer exposure to catch a movment, think about the importance of having a tripod or something else to place your camera on. If you handhold it and make some movement yourself, the hole picture might be unsharp instead of just the moving “target”.


I wonder about the “Explored”. It is a strange phenomenon. I have got 6 photos there during the last week. Earlier it’s just 3 before in all time. I know that there is some statistics in it and that “they” sort out  the photos that have a lot of views, but still it is a mystery:) Maybe this gives a hint; wikihow. Or just keep on taking photos because it is so much fun! Chasing the Explore will maybe ruin all the happines in my work.

My latest picture on Explored is this one:


It is taken outside the City Hall in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have taken been experimenting some with shadows before. I think they can be  interesting. And make interesting photos. Here is another example of that:

Photographer by Mwap38


Need more time

I think about this summer, free and on vacation. I hade a lot of time to be out with my camera. Nice time:) Today is saturday and my goal l is to get some great photos. Might not be any pictures but I do will have a day outside.

This photo do have som sunshine for you and also some happy colors. I think we need some of this in November.



First photo coming up

My first post in this blog. I hope that you will enjoy following my trip through the wonderful world of pictures.

Stenar och is

Last spring I took this picture out in the archipelago of Sweden. I love the contrast between the hard stones and the water. Ice is starting to surrender to the sun, there is a lot of hope in this photo. And I will try to keep on that mood in this blog!