Soon it will be a new year: 2016

Another year has come to an end

A Happy New 2016 to all my readers and followers! See you next year!



Below you can see the 6 photos from 2015 that have got the most likes from you. I hope you will enjoy and if you wish to you can vote on your favorite in the end of this post. This would be appreciated, it helps me understand what kind of photos you prefer:)

summer summary













WPC: Now is the best moment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

At this moment its early in the morning and I’m soon of to work after the Holidays. I feel a bit sad that the Christmas already is gone. Every moment just rush away, we better try enjoying them while they still here, don’t we? I love Christmas and I think that December is a wonderful month, filled with Christmas spirit and magic. Now it soon will be a new year and a long time until next December.

But I still feel the spirit of Christmas, looking at our wonderful Christmas tree. This year it was a fabulous one!  Like every years of course… But though the best moment is now, this tree is obviously the best one ever!

For more entries in this weeks challenge, please click here.


Enjoy a forest walk in the warm weather

A forest walk in December

Long tim since our last forest walk, though this autumn has been very warm. There has not been time enough after our trip to Cinque Terre. Yesterday we had +12 °C and that is not what we expect with a few days left before Christmas. But there sure are some benefits with this weather, we went out hiking in the sun:)

There are a lot of nice hiking trails in Sweden, many of them passes small lakes or the Baltic Sea. We went through some amazing nature, I will share some of the photos here. Click here for some photos from another hiking trail, that I walked last summer.

I think that walking can be done even in cold weather but the present temperature is almost perfect. You don’t get to warm and you don’t get cold. And there are no mosquitos:D

forest walk DSC_0707 DSC_0716

This time of there year the sun is setting around 15.00, then we could watch the sunset in the afternoon while we had a nice break by the lake.


It’s darkest before the sunrise

Waiting For the Sunrise

This time of the year is a dark period. In Sweden, we hardly get any daylight in December. But every year after the Holidays when celebrating Christmas with our families, the light returns.

And it will this year too. Christmas gives us time with the people we love, but it also brings us hope about lighter times. Hope about another summer to arrive.

I wish you all great Friday, where ever you are in the world and whatever season your in:) And remember: it’s always darkest before the sunrise. Take care!


Kerlundphoto seascape -still time for a christmasgift

Have a look in my store on Zazzle, there are, among other things three collections:

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Light up the dark December evening

A December evening walk

This December evening I took a walk in the dark.

I was feeling happy because I have, finally bought a tripod, earlier I have borrowed one…

I went out with my new investment in the dark evening to shot some “cool” moving lights. Unfortunately this evening was not a evening when people was moving around in cars, I guess they preferred to stay home. But I caught some cars with a small aperture and bulb setting on my camera.

I have not had so much time to take photos at all lately so I feel satisfied just getting out. My time is now occupied with work, and studies. I have began an education in Digital Design, very interesting and a lot of fun. Creative things to study, but it really eats my time… Here you can find the first step toward a portfolio that I have to create during the education: Kerlundesign

Just two of my photos from this evening, I think I could have done better, but I will keep trying.

December evening


Celebrate all beautiful things in life

Every day has it’s beauty.

Every new dawn we experience is a miracle.

It’s just that we don’t realize.

When we are in a hurry, in sadness, in anger or maybe hatred.

We have to take the time to stop and just look.

Take time and get the opportunity to experience the beauty in life and to celebrate all the beautiful things in life.