A review on another year


It’s this time of the year… again…

Time to make a review on the year that just passed. I wonder where it has gone, and also I wonder what the next year will bring.

First I have some things I’m grateful for at this Point:
Me and my kids have had a lot of fun, laughter and love. That is a blessing.
My loved once are healthy and we are all having good lives.
I have been able to make trips to wonderful destinations 2014, Paris, the islands Åland and Mallorca.
I have a great Place to live and a good place to work.

Conclusion: a wonderful year!

I will now make a quick review. Some of the photos you might have already seen, but I hope they are worth another look. I have taken a lot of photos, as usual, and it’s hard to choose just a few. I have picked out some “milestones”, primarily from my travels, I hope you will enjoy them:)

The year began with a Winter with very Little snow, unfortunately… But that also meant we had an early spring. This year I shot some of, in my opinion, my best seascape photos ever. For more sea views, please click on “sea” in the tag cloud to the left of this post.

Spring came with all the lovely flowers.

In May we went to Paris. A fantastic experience. I have never been there Before, but it lived up to my expectations.

Read about a some great things to do in Paris: Five things you have to do in Paris

For midsummer we planned a trip to Åland. That was a wonderful trip, except for the weather. Cold, and windy… But I had a great time with  my family:)

Water hitting the rocks
Water hitting the rocks

Next stop during the summer was Palma beach at Mallorca. The weather was much warmer and nicer:-)


And we ended up with a great autumn in Sweden:


Thank you for a wonderful year, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I noticed I am a bit behind in my posting. Already a new week, must be all the holidays…

I also live in the north and now it is rather cold outside, I think I need all the warmth I can get. I will enjoy all other entries this week to really get a lot of wonderful warmth from the photos:)

If you like to participate please click on the link: weekly photo challenge: warmth.

To be given flowers is wonderful and I think it warms my heart, especially the red roses:) Red is the color of love and passion.

I hope you will enjoy my entry for this theme.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Yellow is a color that makes me think of the autumn. The wonderful leaves that are all around… This weeks photo shows a huge leaf on my sunflower, which was dying at that point. Sad but still very beautiful.

If you also like to participate in this challenge, please follow the link: Weekly Photo Challenge.

Have a great weekend!


Embrace the Holidays

Another year has almost passed, a year of joy, hard work, laughter and some tears. Now we stand here in the long period of Holidays, for pleasure, reflection and some summary.

I also think it is a great time to enjoy, to embrace the Holidays and to spend time with our loved once.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I like to thank you all for liking, reading and commenting on this blog.

Next year I will participate in a challenge called 365 photos. I will write in Swedish and English, most participators are Swedish. The challenge contains 365 different themes, which I should interpret in photos. Every theme should be represented in the end of the year.  To read more (in Swedish only) follow this link; 365 Foton.

From me too all of you:

Merry Christmas!

WPC: Gone, but not forgotten

Gone, but not forgotten might be a bit sad…
And it might bring some bright memories.
It also might bring us back to another life, at least that is what it seems like…

For this weeks theme I chose something personal and something from a period when I was taking photos mainly for documentation. I lived in a wonderful place on the countryside. My garden was my biggest passion. Photos were taken every year to see the differences and to plan for the next season. I miss that place a lot, even five years after I moved away from there. But I miss it with bright and joyful memories. Everything in life have it’s time and place and every new passage brings new joys and opportunities.

The best time in the garden was spring and early summer and the cherry tree blossoms where amazing:)

Of course I would like to have such a wonderful garden some other time, but till then I can enjoy my photos:)

To see more entries in the weekly photo challenge, please click on this link: Weekly Photo challenge: Gone, but not forgotten.

Time for a break?
Time for a break?
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom
Gone, but not forgotten
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom


Weekly photo challenge: converge

Converge this weeks theme in the weekly photo challenge (click on the link to read more).

The theme seamed easy at first… Then it seamed difficult… And at last I had to decide, but I still could not choose which approach I should have. The result is shown below, my entry this weeks consists of two photos from some seascapes with wonderful lines and vanishing points.

The other photos shows a lot of lines, different shapes and horizons, they are taken in Paris.

I hope you enjoy my photos and that you also get some inspiration to participate in the challenge this week.