Weekly Photo Challenge: silhouette

Weekly Photo Challenge: silhouette

This post is an entry in WP Daily Post weekly photo challenge. To see more entries or to participate, please click the link above! The theme for this week is silhouette, an artistic expression in photography if you ask me. I think silhouettes can be amazing and though they don’t show too much details they actually tell the pictures story. Amazing and fascinating.

My first photo is taken in the archipelago, late in December last year. The sun doesn’t get high up at that time of the year so all day is a “golden hour”. My kids and I had a day outdoors with some lunch out on the lonely beach. A great day:)

A day by the sea

Next photo is taken on an evening walk, when the light was the same but this time it is taken in March and spring has arrived:)

Evening walk in the springtime
Evening walk in the springtime

Living color and a lot of grey

Living color

This evening I got my eyes on our wonderful and soft colored grey table, floor and chairs. The contrast to all the flowers surrounding us was really cool. I like abstract photos and art, I had to play around a bit and took some photos. I can’t say that they are abstract but almost and I think the contrast between living color and all the grey furniture gave some great shots.

This post will show some of the photos (I took a whole bunch…) from tonight. All of them taken on and around our dinner table. You don’t always have to travel far to find interesting views;) It’s all about to look for them!

To enlarge the photos please click on one of them to watch them in a carousel. I hope you will enjoy, I had a lot of fun shooting these photos:)

Time for my summer summary in photos

Summer summary 2014

Summer is soon coming to an end. This year too…

I have gone through my photos for this summer and my summer summary contains a lot of activities outside, in nature and by the sea in the archipelago. A great summer that started with a lot of rain in June and later turned into a fantastic summer with a lot of sunny days.

Here you will find a lot of photos in a gallery that tell a lot about this summer from a rain wet rose in June to sunny days by the sea. This summer has been amazing and the photos will be enjoyed for a long time:) I will come back to them during the winter, I think it is a great way to keep the summer feeling for a longer time.

Some of the photos have been on this blog in earlier posts but I think they have to be included in this summary, I hope you don’t mind to enjoy them once more…

To watch the summer summary you can also click on one of the photos to enlarge them and to watch them in a carousel.