An evening walk in my June garden

Flowers in my June garden

An evening walk, starting out in my June garden resulted in some discoveries and a few photos.

Thought I haven’t been online many hours the last weeks, I thought it was time to get some inspiration and new photos. The weather have been terrible lately and my inspiration have been lacking.

I have had a week off, with my kids home from school. There haven’t been much time for me online then, I have spent many wonderful hours with my kids instead:)

Tonight I finally got out on an evening walk, the weather was at least OK. Not sunny but not raining either. And I discovered a lot of fantastic roses in my garden. Things happen when I stay out of my garden for some days. Amazingly the bushes was all covered with roses and also the clematis has a lot of flowers. Summer keeps struggling even if there are cold weather and a lot of rain.

Here are some photos from my garden, just a few, but I have chosen my favorite flowers for now, next week there will be others:)

Weekly photo challenge: between


I have been through my archives this time and I found some photos that are “between”, literally. I wished to find something more sophisticated, but these will do… The photos are taken in London and Paris and shows only some objects to illustrate the theme of this week. Please feel free to give me your thoughts in the comment field below.

There are a lot of other wonderful entries in this weeks challenge, you can find them here: Weekly photo challenge: between

The first photo is taken an early morning in January in London. The window opener looked very “Photo kind” and I think it is a great detail. I also love the soft colors and patterns at the window.

Window detail between the blinds

Looking out through the window there was some wonderful small gardens. I love the contrast between the plants and the rough tiles on the walls. Makes interesting photos.

Small garden
Small garden in a backyard, London

In larger cities the spaces to park is rather small… I always wonder how they manage to get out of there. n the other hand the cars in cities have some bumps and scratches;) I guess it is not easy to drive here.

Narrow street
Narrow street in Paris

Celebrating midsummer in Åland

This weekend I have been celebrating midsummer in Åland, an island between Sweden and Finland in the Baltic sea.

Åland belongs to Finland but the 95 % of the people on the island speaks Swedish as their native language. Like us in Sweden they celebrate midsummer in the lightest period of the year around 21st of June.

We are celebrating midsummer on a Friday, the date varies from the 20-25st of June. Celebrating midsummer have historic roots back to the 300-century and one reason to celebrate (historic) are the summer solstice. In the beginning it was a pagan feast which later on turned to a celebration of the birth of John the Baptist.

In midsummer today people have some huge parties and stays up almost the whole night to see the sun rise about 3 in the morning. There are also some decorations of a Maypole and a lot of singing and dancing. In Åland the Maypole looks a bit different from Swedish Maypoles which have a lot more leaves and flowers on them.

celebrating midsummer
Maypole from Åland

I spent the weekend in my parents cottage on one of all islands that Åland consists of. The cottage are situated in avery calm place, close to the sea (like almost everything are in Åland).

We also made some small trips, these photos are from Bomarsund, a Russian fortress from 1832. Åland belonged to Russia since the peace in Fredrikshamn 1809. Napier (France) attacked in 1854 to beat the Russians and the fortress was blown up in the end. The Russian then committed that they would never again have any military activity or bases in Åland.

A piece of the fortress of Bomarsund
A piece of the fortress of Bomarsund
The bridge to Bomarsund
The bridge to Bomarsund

We also visited Jan Karlsgården and the castle of Kastelholm, a museum and the only castle in Åland from the 1200-century.

Finally in our last day on our trip to Åland we visited Kärringsund. Wonderful archipelago with a lot of old boat houses. My kind of place!

Weekly Photo Challenge: extra, extra

What’s extra in a photo?

This weeks challenge, “extra”, makes my brain and creativity work a bit harder than it usually does;) And that is fun, and also how a challenge works.

To read more posts in the challenge, or to participate please click this link: Weekly Photo Challenge.

I have been searching my archives to find something “extra”, I have been looking and judging. Finally I ended up in my own interpretation, of course. There are no “correct” interpretation, like there never are when it comes to artistic expressions. This in fact means that I have chosen some photos that I think have something extra. If you agree, or don’t agree, please tell me in the comments field. Feedback are always welcome! I especially love the huge cup of tea, and the carrot bracelet that matches the carrot.

Saturday sea view: early morning

This sea view post contains photos taken an early morning in the archipelago.

It’s a bit late for a Saturday post, it’s actually Sunday morning now… But with this morning shots I then say good morning to you all:) Mornings are wonderful and almost magic, especially outside, by the sea or in the elsewhere in the nature. The air feels so fresh and everything wakes up. A new day is born.

Welcoming the new day by the sea is a privilege and I wish for everyone to experience that at some point, it really is a fantastic moment.

When these photos was taken it was a bit haze and the sun was almost not visible, but it was there, just waiting to burst through.

You can sense the light from the sun behind the haze
You can sense the light from the sun behind the haze
Some small waves hits the shore
Some small waves hits the shore
early morning
The sea is like a a mirror, wonderful reflections

Thursday theme: nature in June

Nature in June is the theme of this thursday. This time of the year have such beauty.

Nature in June: From the archives

Today we have had the last day in school for this termin, a fantastic “happening” for all kids in school:) A wonderful evening in beautiful June nature. My photos this time is not from this actual evening but from my archives. Two years ago we rented a house over the summer. It was a place in the country side surrounded by the forest and close to a small lake. I have some dear memories from that summer. All photos are taken close to the house and shows the beauty of this month. For more information, please read the text under each photo. If there is no text, hover the cursor over the photo. I hope you will enjoy this photos as much as I do:)

nature in June
The barn in evening light
The lake in evening sun
The lake in evening sun

Weekly photo challenge: room

A room is a space or a place

It might be a home, a school, an office, a hotel or almost everything

A room is also a sphere where people meet or it can be a garden, a toilet or a boat

It is also a place to rest or where I can put my sofa

The interpretation is free and the viewer will judge:)

Enjoy my views of different rooms:

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Saturday sea view: water is life giving

Water is life giving

A view over the see, calms me down

The sea can be calm or wild, or everything between, always impressive and gorgeous

Without water we could not live, it is the source of life

Water is life-giving

The sea hold the water in the arms of nature, a living frame, just watch it move back and forward

Enjoy and relax


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Thursday theme: nature photos

Thursday: nature photos

This weeks Thursday: nature photos will have some wonderful clouds for you. Also some flowers, taken at the rocks in the archipelago, another flower from my garden and finally a seagull lying of to the blue sky. To see more of my weekly posts, please follow the link above.

Mother nature offers us so much amazing views. She offers joy and happiness. Also she brings us all sorts of weathers and plants, a wonderful gift.

Back from my Paris trip

This is my story from last weeks Paris trip. My first time in Paris and a wonderful experience, we had a great time. My goal for the trip was to take photos of things that not have been seen too much or to find some other perspectives of “known” sites or views. I am not sure I succeeded but I sure have a lot of memories in my photos.

We lived in an apartment in a very “noisy” part of Montmartre, just beside the Moulin Rouge. Our view from the French balcony offered a lot of people. I love to watch people in middle of their lives, on their way somewhere. I spent some time just looking down at our nearest street.

Paris trip
Outside the Moulin Rouge, view from our window

In our street (Rue Lepic), there where small shops for all kinds of things, one for fish, one for bread and so on. I bought some wonderful Pions in the flower shop.

Pions on our table
Pions on our table

I love roofs and rooftops, walls and windows. Here are some nearby views, also taken from our window;

I love the soft colors in grey, blue and turquoise, the red large advertisement makes a great contrast…

My mother enjoyed our view as well;

My mothers enjoying the view
My mothers enjoying the view

The garbage truck usually block the whole street, and sometimes causes some irritation…:)

Garbage truck in the street
Garbage truck in the street

Day two on our Paris trip we went for a trip to Tour Eiffel, something my kids wished for. There was so much people, and that is why we decided not to get up to the top… I took of course some photos, but I think I will show you my “best” perspective of that tower.

Living in Montmartre there was a lot of walking in that area, it is in some way like a small town in the countryside, some streets were empty. At the highest point in Montmartre is the church Sacré Coeur, we went there a few times and from there the view over Paris are awesome.

Finally here are some random street photos, I found Poppies, roses and a lot of pad locks…