Going offline for a few days

There will not be any Thursday and Saturday posts this week, I will not be online. I’m heading for Paris and I will bring my camera. My goal is to get some photos that not has been taken to many times… Many things in Paris have been pictured many times. At least I like to get some new or different perspectives, I have to be creative and hope that the promised rain don’t fall on us;)

I will get back here next week, hopefully with a travel report in photos, I wish for you all a great week till I see you!

Weekly photo challenge: twist

Weekly Photo Challenge for week 22

This post is an entry in the DailyPost weekly photo challenge on the theme “twist”. My entry is represented by the unexpected and some humor. For more posts on this theme or to participate, click the link above!

Photos on this theme was a bit difficult to find. I have never actually thought about “making” a twist when I take photos, it’s more of a coincidence if I have accomplished that… I am not sure whether I have succeeded in my choice of photos this time, you can tell me by voting below the photos.

The photos have different approaches to this weeks challenge. The first I took for another photo challenge on the theme “transparent”. It shows a girl through a glass of water.

The second photo shows a very popular swing in my neighborhood. Kids line up to get the opportunity to go for a ride, not when this photo was taken though. And that might be expected in the winter:)

The third photo is taken in Rome, early in January. The water was really high, the bicycle sign seems to be a bit misplaced. I think this a bit amusing…

The girl behind the glass
The girl behind the glass
Like to go for a ride?
A lot of water on the road
A lot of water on the road

Saturday sea view in May

Saturday Sea view this May

This weeks Saturday sea view consists of photos taken in the early morning and also photos taken in early evening. In both cases the light are supposed to be great. The morning photos have some morning haze in them which give the photos a bit of a mystic atmosphere.

The morning was during this week and I took the photos on my way to work at 6.30. The sun was not really getting through yet but it was a wonderful morning.

Next part of this post contains photos from the same day ut in a different place and from my evening walk. They are taken closer to town and not in the archipelago. First I passed a wonderful tree and a bridge, later on I passed the creek which are a lovely place to rest by or to stroll beside.

Thursday nature photo: early summer flowers

Welcome summer flowers!

This Thursday nature post is a celebration to the very first summer flowers. I think that May-June are the most beautiful months of all. Flowers all around and new are coming constantly. A month from now there are considerable less number of different flowers. Here and now, especially in this moment:-)

I wish to welcome early summer

I wish to embrace all flowers in the world

I wish to scream out; hello my friends, welcome back!

Everything wakes up and everywhere a new life begins. Reborn or newborn, a work of Mother Nature.

Like the Magnolia blossoms in my garden or the daisies that just pops up everywhere in the grass, awesome to watch them facing the sun. :

Even if it is early summer, some flowers already are ready to leave and to give life to new flowers next year like this  Dandelion:

summer flowers

I will finish this walk through early summer flowers with an amazing “sea” of tulips, they are really wonderful in their soft pink color, don’t you think?

Pink tulips
Pink tulips


Weekly photo challenge; different artwork

-Weekly photo challenge; different types of artwork-

There are a lot of different types of artwork in this world, a lot of wonderful things to admire.

For me art can be a painting (not a surprise I guess) like these, made by my partner, Christer (see more here).

It can also be a shadow on a wall:

different types of artwork

Architecture are artistic creations, here you can see the concert hall in Uppsala and the Castle of Gripsholm. The Castle is built by Gustav Wasa and was finished in 1537. Today there is a museum with lot of Royal and celebrity portraits from year 1400 and forward. These photos make a great contrast between modern and mediaeval architecture.

Kids are excellent artists, here you can see some artwork in ice:

Icy art
Icy art

Photographies of our great nature is art for me. That is my way to create art. A way to express my passion for the beauty of nature:)

A lonely shore in wintertime
A lonely shore in wintertime

To read more about the weekly challenge, please click on the link at top of this post.

Saturday sea view

Saturday sea view

My Saturday theme is sea view, read more on this page: Weekly Posts.

Time for this weeks sea view. The photos are taken in the south coast of Sweden and in the archipelago on the east coast. There are some difference between these coats.

Please enjoy some great scenery!

Thursday theme; nature in evening light

Nature in evening light

I think there are just a few things in this world that beats evening light. It is soft, gentle, smooth and also offers wonderful shadows. A great opportunity for every photographer. I must of course admit that even mornings offers quite awesome light. But that will have it’s time and place in another post.

My Thursday theme is nature, read more on this page: Weekly Posts.

The photos in this post are taken after a rainy day. When evening arrived, so did the sun:)

A warm and welcoming May-sun, lovely! I had to go out and enjoy it.

This May have been filled with rainy day this far. Therefore that evening was a fantastic experience, all that I have longed for in the rain. With happy feelings and filled with new energy, I walked around, looking, smelling and taking photos. I was watching the sea and also the wonderful sky, it was still a bit cloudy… Wonderful orange/pink clouds!

I hope you will enjoy and that the photos shows how wonderful this evening was.

evening light
Hackberry blossom
Hackberry blossom


Calm reflections

Weekly photo challenge; on the move

On the move

-Weekly photo challenge-

This post is an entry in the Weekly photo challenge. To read more about this challenge, or participate, please click the link above.

I have chosen a few different ways to be on the move, on land and at sea. Both photos of boats at sea are taken outside Venice, from the island Lido. The first photo shows some speed boats racing just outside the harbor. The second sea photo shows a water bus or Vaporetto, the way to transport people in and outside Venice.

The other two photos are taken in London, one at a market where some person are just rushing by and the other photo shows one of the “new” buses in London. OT but I think that design is rather cool:)

My photos are organized in a slide show. The photos change automatically or just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. If you click below the slide on “FS” you get the slide in full screen, which offers you a greater photo experience!

[flagallery gid=1]

Leaves and trees, a photo trip around the year

-Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Leaves and Trees-

Welcome to my entry of this weeks challenge and the theme leaves and trees. Please click the link above to read more about this challenge.

This time I chose to pick one photo for each season of the year beginning with present season; spring, next is summer, autumn and I finish up with winter.

leaves and trees
Springtime leaves in evening light
leaves and trees
A cloudy summer day
leaves and trees
Autumn leaves
leaves and trees
Trees in snow

All seasons are beautiful of course, but which is your favorite season? If you like to, please vote below. I think I love all seasons when I’m actually are there but I favor springtime a little more. Everything wakes up, gets green, flowers everywhere. Some happy feeling is bubbling inside when I see all wonderful things that happens around me. But let’s go on and tell me your favorite and if you like to, please share why in the comments field.

Rainy days in may, what is this?

Rainy days…

It feels strange to have rainy days in May. It’s like autumn but much greener. Strange feeling and we all hope for better weather!

Today I had a long walk, not all in rain, it was holding up when I left. I was equipped with a plastic bag for my camera, a winter coat, gloves, not really an outfit in May. Maybe you know the feel in; you have been inside all day, at work, the rain has poured down all they and when you arrive home it has stopped! You just have to get out for some air and some walking. The air after rain is fresh and this time a year a grey day also contains some green colors. The hope for better days live.

Such difference from the sunny days and all wonderful flower shots. But I kind of like the contrast it’s rather cool.Tweet this

What about my photos then? I managed to take some photos before it started to rain. I headed for the waterfront in our town. Not so much green colors here but some. And some amazing clouds… I love dramatic skies, and that is not always in the meaning colorful, also cool clouds and light attracts my camera.

Well that was a fun walk, some photos are not town in the paper basket, I actually kept some of them. But that’s it for now, enough of rainy days, now we would like the sun to come back and warm us. The temperature outside is below 10 °C and that sure is not what I call springtime;)

One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise

One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise– 

Please click the link above to read more about the challenge.

Turquoise is an awesome color, I have a photo that I love, one of my favorites. The water is all turquoise in this small lake in the Alps. The lake is called “Annecy Lake” and are situated beside the old town with the same name. An idyllic place, with breathtaking beauty. This photo gives me calm and makes me feel good. This is definitely a place I would like to visit again.

You can read more about my trip to Annecy by clicking this link.

Here is my entry:

Lake Annecy


A new day begins and brings new opportunities

A new day begins

Time for me to build on another post, a post about celebrating a new day (read it here). The video clip below is made from my photos in very different seasons, all beautiful…

New day –brings promises

New day –brings hope

New day –brings curiosity and expectation 

I slowly wake up and realize I have been given a new day. I have to enjoy and hold that feeling for a while. Gather some strength to face the new day and to rise up from bed.

I rise and wonder what this new day has prepared for me, another unwritten page in my book of life, I can hardly wait…

new day begins
Good morning

New day –give me a smile!

New day –give me something joyful!

New day –give me something beautiful!

I chose to have all that when the new day begins. I promise myself to smile, to do something joyful and to see all the beauty in the world. How about you?


Weekly photo challenge; in the middle of springtime

Weekly photo challenge; springtime

To read more about this challenge, please click the link above!

We have now entered May and we are in the middle of springtime, if you ask me this is the best time of the year. May and June are such beautiful months with all blossoms and all light green in different shades.

One thing that really means that spring is here is soap bubbles. My children loves them and so do I;)

This season also gives us who loves gardening a lot of enjoyable things. Buds that are going to burst out in wonderful blossom. Every tree has its own green color. The next four photos shows 2 wonderful buds and some of all the wonderful green in nature right now. And finally; the flower of flowers, the one that last only for a few days but bear such beauty.

A great way to celebrate a new day

Celebrate a new day

The new day has just began. I leave home in an early hour, hardly awake. A song begins to sing all by itself in my head; “I give you the morning, I give you the day”… A beautiful song about love that makes my thoughts wake up. Is this a way to celebrate the new day; by driving almost sleeping on a bumpy road? When I could lie down beside someone dear and have some more hours sleep? Anyway, that is not the case right now and I better keep on driving to get this day over and done with.

I still can’t let go of the song and it keeps singing in my head. And the morning is actually a beautiful morning. The sun has just risen and the surrounding nature shows all the pure and fresh beauty that only can be seen in an early spring morning. There is a place just beside the road, it’s a small shore, well hidden from the crowd. In summertime you just get a glimpse of it between all the trees. In springtime it is more easy to spot.

 – Well it’s now or never…

I have been driving this road for 15 years and I have never got out of my car to enjoy the fantastic sea view. I park my car just above the small shore and walk down. It feels really relieving to walk in the sand. The early sun salute me good morning and the light is amazing. Some small islands can be spotted through the light haze.

I decide to sit down for a while, there on the shore. The minutes pass, but I don’t care. Work will still be there… Small movement in the water. Sun reflecting from the sky. The scene is filled with hope, calmness and beauty. Now this is a great way to start a new day!

new day
Celebrating the new day


Weekly photo challenge; letters

Weekly photo challenge; letters

This post with letters is an entry in DP weekly photo challenge, for more information please click the link above.

Letters can, of course be used in many ways. I have chosen some photos of different kinds of letters. Some photos of books, from handwritten story to printed. The other photos shows different kinds of signs, street sign and restaurant/pub sign. I have tried to get some variation but still keep some homogeneity. Please hover your cursor over the photos to find out more about them.