Travel theme; glow from nature

Travel theme; glow

This week I have chosen to keep it simple and pick photos from my travel with natural glow. The sun for example is an excellent source… To read more about the travel theme, please click the link above!

The first three photos are taken in Alghero, Sardinia.  The caves are a great place to visit, click the link for more info (Neptune’s Grotto). At some places in the cave it looks like the walls glow. The sunrise is a view from the city out over the Mediterranean sea. The photo with the sun shining like a lamp is taken from our hotel.

The “ice picture” is taken in the winter on a trip in my own country, Sweden:)

The “glowing clouds” are a shot I took through a window on a ferry to Finland, the clouds was amazing. Maybe it is not the highest quality shot but I think that it works.



Another sea view from the archipelago

A trip for the sea view

We had a sunny saturday yesterday. I can hardly think of any better things to do than visit the archipelago. It’s not only offering a wonderful sea view but also some magnificent nature in the surroundings. Wonderful forest with low trees that have been through some hard times standing up against all wind coming in from the sea. Yesterday was not windy, that is unusual by the sea, it was almost calm, no waves…

We took a trip out on the rocks to capture the sea view with all small islands and the sun reflection the water. We also walked in a park-like forest. All in a pure and fresh light green color. Springtime brings the best out of the nature. Beauty is all around.

I will share some photos from my day. Some showing the water and rocks, some from the forest. I hope they also show some of the beauty I saw out there:) I took a lot of photos and I have chosen to publish just a few today, and some more in a later post.

Please give a vote on one of my photos to give me a hint what you like the most. If you hover the cursor over the photos, there will be a description for each of them. Also if you click on one photo you can watch them all enlarged.


Let’s get inspired –by me!

I sometimes find it difficult to get inspired. Inspiration hardly just “pop up”. Often I need some sort of sparkle first. It might be the smallest hint, a word, a photo or some assignment. Today I have an assignment, still this was hard… Day 9 in blogging 101, zero to hero.

Time to get inspired –by me!

How on earth am I supposed to do that? How to get inspired by my “about” page? I have chosen to start from the beginning of this blog.

get inspiredThere are thousands of possibilities when starting a new blog. And it is easy to grab a bit too much and publish very small pieces of everything. I like some structure and I also like to tighten things up. I could have chosen to write a blog about parenting, photography and maybe cooking, all together. But I did not. I usually have a hard time choosing what photos to publish, I like to stick to my idea about showing the beauty of my country. Some exceptions are made, mainly by photos from my travels.

I don’t see much point to publish many photos of things that billions of people have on their blogs (for example the Eiffel tower). Of course every photo is unique and you might see some Eiffel tower here soon, but my ambition is to keep to my “niche”.

When traveling, I love to take photos of ordinary things like tiny streets, a sign or some flower pots. In Sweden I live close to our east coast and the archipelago, that have become a recurrent theme. I love to get comfortable and calm by watching photos, I need to feel something to like a photo. My purpose is to convey these feelings to those who watch my photos.

Edit photos?

There is nothing wrong with edited or manipulated photos, but I like natural photos. It’s a challenge in getting them “correct” from the start. I always aim for non-edited photos as much as possible. I prefer not to apply any filters or mix much with colors. Only some black and whites will appear on my blog from time to time. I love black and white photos and can not really be without them. Of course I have to crop my photos sometimes, it is not always possible to see the outcome trough the lens.

I have some plans for later to start experimenting with more abstract photos, without manipulation, I have done some already and like it a lot, but this is still held by the future…

That is me and my blog; natural photos of views, landscape and nature, mainly in Sweden but also from other destinations in Europe. -Tweet this-

It seems like I finally managed to get inspired, how about you?


A springtime evening by the water

We have had some lovely days lately. 18 °C and sunshine all days long. Not an ordinary temperature for April in Sweden… This has brought us an early feeling of summer. The trees are soon all green and the Magnolia is in blossom. I love the sun and to be outside and just feel the warm and gentle air against my skin. To hear the birds singing and bubble of joy and happiness. To see my cat lie in the grass; there is no other animal that can enjoy life more than a cat!

Springtime evening

All this have given some really warm evenings. The best thing I now is to take a stroll down by the waterfront with a camera in my hand. The late sun gives a soft and warm light. When there is no wind the reflections are just wonderful.

I will post some of the photos from tonight, I hope they show some of the fantastic mood I experienced by the water this springtime evening, almost magic. There was all calm and suddenly a boat came across the water, leaving some small, soft waves. When I returned home the sun had set behind the houses, I captured a Magnolia flower ready to rest for the night.




Weekly photo challenge; on top of the roof

Photo challenge; on top of the roof

For the weekly photo challenge of this week the theme is on top. I love to take photos upwards, I love roofs, rooftops and chimneys. I think it is really beautiful to see the contrast between a rooftop and the blue sky. I have a lot of photos of that and of course “on top” could be interpreted in many ways but this week I will make it “simple” for myself… The reason is I love this kind of photos and that I have some great ones to share with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

As you can see I have chosen a mix of photos, the first two are taken in Bonnieux, Provence, where I stand on top of a hill, shooting my photos downwards, here is a lot of beautiful roofs. The red wooden houses are situated in a small town on the east coast of Sweden; Trosa, that I visited lately. The last photos are taken in London. If you point at the photos with your cursor, there will be a description for each photos to read.

To find out more about this photo challenge or to participate, please click the link, first in this post.

Blogging 101; write to your dream reader

My participation in “blog university” (zero to hero) have reached day  number 6. Today my task is to write for my “dream reader”. This is a hard challenge, of course I have always tried to post things for my readers… This task really made me think, all day actually, now the clock soon passes midnight and I am finally on my way to write this post:)

I must say that my “dream reader” are a person that will tell me what he or she thinks about my photos and posts. This might be a bit tricky of course, most people comment if they like and leave if they don’t. I would like some more feed back from time to time. Finally I come up with an idea how to encourage my readers to leave that input. I think I have to do some more work on the concept, maybe find some plugin for voting.

To try my concept I have linked up 10 of my Instagram photos to this post. I would like you to tell me which of them you like the most and which you will put last on your list. Please also tell me, shortly, why you feel this way, that will hopefully give me some input about things to improve in my photos.

I have tagged the photos with numbers below each photo to make it easier to mention the ones you prefer/don’t prefer.












Blogging 101; A Penny for Your Thoughts

Third day of Blogging 101

The assignment for the day is to write the post I wanted to write when I began blogging or as I see it; write a post about why I created this blog.

Why do I blog?

I have for many years been passionate about photography. It have been some photos during the years. Many photos with my kids, my garden and so on. I actually got in to the blogging world when I saw an announced challenge. The challenge was about to take 365 photos on different themes, one each day of the year (2013). That was my first blogging experience. The blog was about the challenge and my goal was to improve my creativity and photo technique. The blog was written in Swedish.

After almost 11 months of publishing photos every day I created this blog, “kerlundphoto”. The main purpose for  this was that I actually wanted to have a blog written in english. I wanted to reach more people and also create more communication opportunities. Another purpose was that I wanted to continue my improvement in photography and still have the pressure to   photograph as often as possible. Blogging put’s that pressure on me and demands me to be creative and to improve all the time. I have to improve to give my followers something they haven’t seen before.

Still I am strict with what I chose to publish. I am not a “human-photographer”. This might be a next step for me, but for now I stick to my idea of places, nature and gardening. My thought from the start was based on the fantastic views  Sweden offer and to share these. I have not been strict there, because the world offers more beautiful places and I am happy to be able to share some of them as well.

The photos below are based on my idea about this blog; photos from Sweden.


blogging 101

blogging 101

blogging 101

blogging 101



Happy easter photography

Happy easter!

I have had some days of this week and I have been really busy… I found som DIY-tips about how to use “organic color” for our happy easter eggs (to read more follow this link). Which was a success to try with kids! We have used pepper, onion, blueberries, spinach and cranberries. We putted each ingredient into water and some vinegar and boiled for a while. After that it was just to put the eggs in. It took a while but we got some really nice easter colors on our eggs. My kids mixed and poured some color into other colors so we got some shades and variations on the eggs. Really fun and also very colorful all over the place… We had a good time!

With this I like to wish all of you a happy easter!

Here are a photo of our wonderful eggs;

Happy Easter

I hope you all get some time of and that you are able to spend it with someone dear to you:)

Happy easter



Sunshine award

I have been nominated to the “Sunshine award” for being positive and inspiring, that is an honor, really!



I like to send a huge thank you to Sadness Theory for nominating me:) Check out her blog, a creative musician with lot of inspiring posts and music to listen to.

In the nomination comes that I have to tell you 10 things about myself so here we go:

  1. I’m born in Sweden, where I have lived for my whole life.
  2. I have two wonderful kids.
  3. My parents live nearby, still in the town I was born.
  4. I love Italy, my favorite country for vacations.
  5. My mother is from Finland so I am not all Swedish:)
  6. I love fairy tales and butterflies, which my kids like a lot!
  7. I am a garden enthusiast and a huge photo fan. Which includes both taking photos and looking at others to get inspiration.
  8. I’m addicted to Pinterest.
  9. A place I always dreamt of; Paris, I’m finally going there this summer.
  10. My favorite food is sushi.

The nomination also includes giving the nomination to 10 other blogs that inspires me, here they come:



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Ones again, many thank’s for the nomination!

Springtime; my garden life begins

I love this season, springtime is my favorite time of the year. And why is that? The answer is simple; my garden life begins. Next to photography, gardening is my greatest passion in life. These are the two hobbies that take almost all my time off. And it is possible, of course to combine, gardens, flowers and trees are wonderful objectives for a photographer.

My children are of corse my number one priority but they also like gardening. We plant and build, place stones and buy flowers. We have enjoyed a few days off in sunny weather and now there is big things happening in my garden. I must say my “garden” is really small but I can manage to get a lot of plants and flowers to fit in there:) We also put some seeds in the earth this monday so now we are waiting for our carrots, salad, peas and more to grow.

Garden life photos

The photos in this post are taken on the flowers that I have in my garden right now, there are more to come, but these first are special to me.

Look at the photos and enjoy my flowers and my garden life!

Weekly photo challenge; Monument

This post represents my entry in -Weekly photo challenge, this weeks theme is Monument. If you would like to participate or just read more, please click on the link for more info of this challenge.

Stockholm Monument

On a visit to Stockholm last weekend I had this challenge in mind. I took a long walk through town and some wonderful sights. I think there are different kinds of monuments, this will show in my entry, there are some difference between my objects.

Thirst I took photos of the City Hall “Tre kronor”. I also captured some cherry blossoms (I love those) in the Kungsträdgården, that also is a monument but just this time of the year. My third photo pictures a boat that actually is a hostel, a famous one in Sweden; “Af Chapman”, an impressive old sailboat. The last photo shows the fun fair in Stockholm called “Gröna Lund”. I took the photo from a small peninsula across the water called “Kastellholmen”. Wonderful view of “Djurgården” and the sea.




South of Sweden ocean view

In south (south-west) of Sweden there are no archipelago, in opposite to the east part of the country. The ocean view are awesome. I went to the south part of our country this week and I was fortune to visit the ocean, thought we where traveling in work. We had a walk beside the ocean and a wonderful beach. Fine and soft sand in beautiful warm color. I guess it is crowded here in the summer.

On my trip it was a very cloudy day, after a couple of days raining. But the beauty of the ocean view shows and walking almost alone at a beach is a wonderful experience. So close to the nature and not a lot of people everywhere, I recommend this as a recreation for anyone:) Just walk along the beach, listening to the water and to all birds screaming in the sky.

It is rather unusual that it is this calm by the ocean, the water was almost still. Wonderful experience to see it this way and to walk without struggling against the wind.

Here are some of my photos from the walk, enjoy!

Our walk begins on rocky paths
Wonderful reflections from the sky
A place to watch the ocean view
The beach are not to crowded…
So lonely standing up against all weather
Saying god buy with a last look back


Weekly Photo Challenge: threshold

-Weekly Photo Challenge: threshold 

This is my entry in WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme is threshold. To read more about this challenge, please click on the link above.

Thresholds can be many things; a travel, a new phase in life or maybe a threshold to a house. This week I have chosen some photos of different buildings, there is threshold to enter. When it comes to the photo of the church I like it to be a symbol for new phases in life; christening, marriage and even funerals.

Do enjoy my photos, all taken in Provence, France. The last one is just for fun, it shows the “threshold” to our tent:-)


Prints from Sweden Archipelago

A new store for Sweden archipelago photo products

I have a created a store on Zazzle where I will sell products with prints of my Sweden archipelago photos. I am curious what you think about them? And I gladly take feedback and ideas about what products to offer or wich photos to use (mainly from this blog). The main theme is Sweden archipelago and the photos bring  peace and calmness to your mind while watching them.

If you can’t see the Flashplayer here is a link instead; Kerlundphoto Store
Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Steam boats in Stockholm water

This post contains another portion of photographs from Stockholm, this time it is not street life, but Stockholm water.

Steam boats in Stockholm water

There are plenty of old steam boats in Stockholm, some of them is under recovering and others are in traffic. Just a few of them are real steam boats, most of them have a diesel motor instead of the steam generator. Most of the boats today traffic different routes in the archipelago for example to “Fjäderholmarna” or Vaxholm”. Many tourists go with the boats in summertime, so does a lot of natives. There are boats heading to “Djurgården”, on that route there are a lot of people traveling all year.

Here you can see some photos from the dockside and also the Stockholm water front, I have focused on closing up on the boats. I love the old boats and all wonderful details.

I hope you found these boats as wonderful as I do, if you ever visit Stockholm these are definitely worth looking for.