Stockholm cherry trees in blossom

Yesterday when I visited Stockholm I found out that the cherry trees in Kungsträdgården just started to blossom. This is an annual “event” for people in Stockholm and from outside town. Some weeks not far from now the trees will be all covered in pink, it is a magnificent view. I will return to see if I am able to capture that as well.

The trees are supposed to blossom in the end of April or early May, so this is  quite a finding:) All trees is not yet in full bloom, but there was plenty of flowers already.

It was not only Stockholm cherry trees in blossom I captured I also captured street life (here) and som sea life (here). You can find my posts by clicking the links.

Great Weekend!

I would like to wish all of you a great weekend:) Take care and enjoy! In Sweden we now have some sunny weather and spring is in the air. I will spend my weekend outside in the sun, trying to catch some photos;)


Weekly Photo Challenge: reflections


This is my weeks entry in Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme is reflections, click on the link to read more about this challenge. Reflections can be many things, including look at ones lives and give it some thought. It might be to take a look back and see what have happpened or to look in a mirror to see a reflection. For this entry I have chosen some “traditional” reflections, by wich I mean things reflecting in the water. All photos are taken in our wonderful archipelago or by the harbour in town.

The photos are taken on a few different evenings, evening light is wonderful and gives great photos.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

-Weekly Photo Challenge-

For more information about this challenge, please click on the link above.

My entry this week is a photo taken “inside” but still not inside. This is from an inner courtyard. Here are a lot of shop, small streets “inside” a great and wonderful place in the middle of a town. Old buildings, coffee places, a lot of great things to photograph.


Travel theme: Gardens

-Gardens, this weeks travel theme-

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My entry this week in Travel theme: Gardens comes from a travel to Frejus in France. Click here to see Frejus on a map. The garden is actually a park called “Villa Aurelienne”. The garden is mostly overgrown but in my eyes there is a lot of beauty. The house in the park is built 1880.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective


To read more about this challenge, please follow the link above!

This weeks theme is Perspective. I first had some difficulties to se what kind of photos to use for this. But I finally found some that will be my entry this week.

Morning in the archipelago

Another early morning on my way to work, the road passes our beautiful archipelago. The light is magic it is something in the air:)

Fortunately I happened to have my camera with me, not all days that happens… Beside the road I spotted (like every morning) the small beach and saw a wonderful scene. The sun had risen just an hour ago and it was a lovely morning in the archipelago. I’m glad I stopped by the beach that morning i March, my camera managed to capture the magic light quite well.

I will share what I saw this morning, hard to make the scene justice in photos, I hope you can get a clue about how it appeared to me:)