The snow keeps falling

For the third day this week the snow keeps falling on us… There also is a strong wind so we have a lot of snow in some spots, and less in others. Outside my door there have been a lot. The photos in this post is taken on lunch time this Tuesday, and well we have got some more since that. I will try to capture the result in the weekend when, I hope, the snowing has stopped.


I went for my lunch walk and wonder who made these traces?image

Still I do believe that it is very beautiful outside right now, the sun really are welcome even if it is just for a short moment.image

As you can see on this small path there is some wind outside these days…image


Weekly photo challenge: juxtaposition

The first photo is of a tree with an apple, but it is NOT an apple tree… Someone plunged it up there.


I just have to put this pink car in this post…



Very strange and unexpected with a chimney in the water.



And finally a sort of metal bow in contrast to the flowing water.



Back to Femöre, Oxelösund

This time it is much colder, still fantastic views, as it always is of course. The light is a bit different, I think, with snow and ice in a really cold day in January. I hope it is not hard to get why I love this place so much. If you ever visit Sweden, do go to the east coast and out in the archipelago. It is stunning all times of year. I will come back here later this year to give you some photos that show how the summer looks out there…


DSC_0111Same house and clock tower as in my last post.



I just love the small glimmer of the warm colored stones. They makes a wonderful contrast in this light and white environment, does it not?




Femöre a wonderful archipelago nearby

In my hometown, where I grow up, we had a huge industry… We had a huge harbor with a lot of shipping to and from the industry. But there also is a fantastic and beautiful archipelago. The small town is situated just by the Baltic sea, and there are some wonderful views. I usually still go out there, at all season. The photos below is taken in January, a day with cold weather but no snow. I will in a later post come back here, to Femöre as it is called, in a day with plenty of snow.

The light in the winter is amazing, and the colors are so characteristic for winter. The sun is not getting so high up:



DSC_0968 kopia

And finally the same house with the bell outside across the water:



A boat trip on the Grand Canal

We choose not to visit Venice city when we went to Lido de Venezia in July, because we had my children with us and also; 1: to crowded, 2: to hot… We come up with the great idea that we should on our return trip take the 40 min trip along the Grand Canal on a water bus (Vaporetto). We got to see a lot of beautiful buildings and small canals, without having to “fight” a lot of other tourists. I do recommend it! We did go for lunch at a place near the bus station before leaving for the airport. The pizzas was far more expensive than on Lido where we had spent our week…

Shortly after we took of, we got another Vaporetto in front of us.


This is a while before we entered the Grand Canal:


Some great houses in Venice, I love all kinds of houses and these are not to bad:-)


Of course there was a lot of gondols, and these seemed to follow us…



I just had to put this small boat in my post. Well used, and not so much taken care of. This is taken at one of many “bus stops” on our way.


Passing the Rialto bridge, I choose a bit different perspective for my photo:


Just next to Rialto bridge there was a market place. Wonderful houses and some subtile play between lights and shadow on some of the walls. The window ledges was s part of that I think.


The next one I have posted before, but it really is a favorite that makes me dream away…


I will finnish this post with a few pigeons, drinking water, just next to the place we had lunch. Because, what is Venice without its pigeons?


Walking around Lido

During the week in Italy we lived in Lido de Venezia, a small island just across the water from Venice. It was a nice experience, not so many tourists and some great thing to see. Even here there was some smaller channels, like this one:


I just love the great colors at the boats and the water, this one has some really great contrasts:


During the walk we passed through some lovely details like this tap:



I sort of love this kind of deserted industries. Something sad over it but still some great structures and character. And with all that green it gets a good photo:)


Finally I always shoot photos of houses… And rooftops:) This is the view from our hotel, a lovely view if you ask me! I can hardly believe, now in the winter that the sky can actually be like this…


In my next post there will be some photos from the Vaporetto boat on our way back home, photos taken in Venice.

Memories from wonderful Lido de Venice

During the next days I will go through  photos from our travel Lido de Venice in Italy. It is a wonderful memory now when we have winter and everything outside is cold and dark. Later on I will deal with some snowy photos, but first I will share a sweat memory.

View over Venice from Lido de Venice

The first picture of shows a fantastic sky, this is the view across the Laguna:-) On the other side you can see Venice in a wonderful evening light. Notice the great detailed clouds and enlarge the photo, it gets more to its right then…


I can definitely recommend you to visit Lido, it is a great alternative to Venice. It is cheaper and less crowded. In summertime Venice is very hot and it don’t smell to good from the water…


Beautiful early mornings

Working often means many early mornings, wich is not always bad. I love the morning haze. I travel 25 km each morning and start of at 06.00. This is, for me, early. The road to work have some wonderful views, it goes along the archipelago. In some places there is a possibility to stop, park the car and go out to enjoy the beautiful morning by the sea. The feeling is close to magic, the photos below are taken  in August, when the mornings often contains som haze. The cold ground and water meets the rising sun, and warms up. Life is great:)

In the first two photos I have captured in two different early mornings with a light haze. Taken at 06.30. The last one is taken in the same time of the year and day but with no haze. The last photo is a personal favorite.

Early morning by Mwap38


Same items from different perspectives

Small details can really make a difference. I shoot a photo on my tulips inside my kitchen, with great light through the window:


When I went outside I just had to take a photo from that direction to…


I did the same thing to some red berries in the forest, first I took a photo a sunny day in November. The light is great, just like in my first photo:


Yesterday I found almost the same berries, whit some fresh snow on them:


No sun, but the snow do gives the photo a great deal ligth in another way. Sometimes it is fun to experiment with small things nearby, in times when I spend a lot of time at home and do not get away much. This is one way. Of course you can experiment with other things like settings on your camera and so on, that I will do some other sunday at home:-)

An old church and a clock tower

All buildings have their history and own “personality”. This church is build during the 13th century as far as we know, exact year is not known. The gate looks inviting and as I see it beautiful.


The church it self is built during the 13th century, as far as we know, but the excact year is not known. It is called “Allahelgonakyrkan” and is one out of two houses that did not get destructed during a fire in 1719. The rest of the town was completely ruined.

image image

I left the church and went up a hill, came across a clock tower, built in 1725. I think the maintainance could have been better but the red color is fantastic!





Weekly Photo Challenge: beginning

This morning I went out for a walk and this I think is a beautiful beginning of a new day. Fresch air, wonderful skies and just pure nature. My favorite beginning:) It was a cloudy morning but I managed to get a photo where the sun shine through a bit. This is my first post in “weekly photo challenge”, but it sounds like a great idea and I will try to follow this and participate as often as possible.


Water with a “metallic” surface

Sometimes in some conditions the water gets a very special look. It gets a metallic look. The surface seems smooth and like it is almost still. I am noot sure that you know what I mean, I took some photos and I hope you can see it:-) Anyway it was a really nice view when I was out waking this saturday.

image image

And finally in the end of my walk I saw this “burning sky” reflecting in the water, a stunning view. This time a year the sun is never really getting up properly so this is about 14.30 in the day.