My year 2013 in photos

I have chose one photo from each month of this year. They are featured here in order from January to December. Maybe it is not “my best” photos, but it is from moments I remember and milestones of 2013.

January I started my photochallenge “365foton”. There are 365 themes to shoot and I started out in the 1st of  January, here is a photo from the first month on theme “reflection”.


The photo from February is taken on a walk on snowy fields, and March is from the archipelago when the ice is starting to break.

image image

The photo whit the horses are, like the magnolia taken with my IPhone, I kind of used it a lot in April and May, but these photos are ok in quality I think.

In june I took this photo on a trip to Mariefred, this boat is an old steamboat and take tourists on trips in “Mälaren”. July we went on our holidays to Venice, the photo is taken from a vaporetto boat, a great way to see a lot of Venice:-)

image image

In August, September and October I was out for many “Photo walks” with my Nikon D60, some great autumn days with nice weather.

image imageimage

In November I went to London, and I just have to have this photo here; The Shard, Europes highest building.


Early December, the first ice on the small pond in Nyköping. And that is sort of all the ice we have got this year. The rest of December have have been warm and rainy.




Narrow streets in Old Town, Stockholm

Really beautiful houses in these narrow streets, and i managed to find some without a lot of people strolling “in my way”… Every street, every house has a story on it´s own, old houses are just wonderful, I think.

image image

I love this open window, simple but a wonderful detail, showing some life is going on nearby.


And at last some golden light in the “end of the street”, this cold day… Focus is by purpouse down there over the water.


Part two, sunny day in the archipelago

Yesterday, that I wrote about in the last post, will be a day to live on for some time. Today the rain is falling again and I feel more then satisfied that I took the chance to go out to the sea yesterday. It was a really calm day, the waves where small.



Really a nice day for an escape:-) It was a surprise to me to see all the swans. In summertime here is a lot of people sunbathing and swimming, so of course the swans choose an other location. Bur yesterday it was a lot of them.


In the archipelago, close to the nature, and the sea, I can feel the greatness of nature. It is breathtaking to stand there, watching out over the water. It seams endless…



At last, it is fascinating to look around and find this in the end of December, when it is supposed to be a lot of snow.




December sun in the archipelago

Just before lunchtime me and my children went out to the archipelago. It is nearby, only 15 minutes by car. A lot of rainy days is now followed by some sun. It was not even cold, looks like a day in March, except for the suns position, really low… We enjoyed some hot chocolate and I took some time with my camera. Fantastic day, a lot of new energy:-)


Some silhouettes in the backlight, my children and a lifebuoy situated near, feels safe…


What are they looking at, then? There was a lot of swans in the water.


Here just a few of them in a distans. Fantastic light today!

I captured a small isthmus as well, I do like the almost brown seagrass.


There was a lot of photos today, I will publish some more of them in my next post.


A black and white experience in Linköping

On my trips, far away, and close, I like to see and shoot photos of houses. This is some old houses in Linköping, and I do believe that black and white suits that old style well.

What is the thing about houses then? I am not sure but I think they all tells a story. They are all individuals whit marks of weather and time and so on. You can tell if a house have been loved or ignored, it sure is fascinating!







I love that “golden hour”

Lots, and lots and even more photos are taken during the “golden hour“. And I love it. A magic glow, that attracts not only photographers. The whole world looks different and beautiful. Wintertime gives the best opportunity to catch this, it gets dark early, so the sunset is early. And I do believe that every day, every sunset and every photo is unique. So here is for you to enjoy some golden moments from last winter!



Some unknown traces in the snow.





Rainy days are here again

We have had a lot of rainy days lately. But yesterday was all sunny:-) I thought like “great tomorrow morning I get upp early and then I go out to shoot some photos of the sunrise”. Ha, all went well until the light came, after a night of clear and cold weather, suddenly the sky was all cloudy and some drops fell down. I had been up early so well I went out anyway and took some photos.


Ok, still a great morning, but not really the same. Wonder how it feels to stand like this “stone man” in all weathers, looking out on the sea? I think B&W suits the weather and his situation…


And one last shot, I love the lamps reflecting in the water, makes nice patterns when I use long exposure.



Beauty in a simple orchid

My simple white orchid is on its way to get a lot of new flowers. I earlier wrote about my thought “keep it simple” and that is what this flower is. But still so beautiful. Got some great photos whit my phone, usually I don’t like the output from that camera, but this time I am (once again) surprised over the outcome. I took several photos, but I like these to the most. I can not really decide which one are the best but I sort of prefer the first one. I like the contrasts:)



Some more lovely winter days

Today it is like this outside:


But January this year gave us some fantastic, cold, but beautiful winter days. Waiting for next snow season I look at my photos. See how the sun looks like a great, big star:)


I have some other shots taken at the creek in our town:

image image

It sure is a bit cool with this water in contrast to all the ice and snow. When I look at the first photo and then the others there is no doubt that it is going to be nice with som real winter…


Sunny Stockholm in December

A few weeks ago, I went to see a sunny Stockholm. Sunshine is no usual weather in Sweden in December, but this day was really nice for a “photo walk”.

Although it was a sunny day, the wind was really cold, but there was no rain and hardly no clouds. December sun is very low down in the sky so it offers a special kind of light that I like a lot. Some of the photos from the old town in Stockholm you can se in my photo album called “Stockholm”. The Old town is a lovely place to visit.

Photos in this post is taken from outside the city hall.

Sunny Stockholm
Sunny Stockholm
Sunny Stockholm
Sunny Stockholm


I wish for a white christmas:)

Crystal of ice in a cold day

So wonderful outside when the snow and frost hits, I really wish for a cold and winterful christmas. The last few years we have been spoiled with lot of snow and fresch, cold air. This year we are promised +8 and rain for the holidays… Well somehow it is for the best, I don’t think that we are supposed to controll the weather so i just look at some photos from last winter:)



We are now entering christmas week


The autumn can be a bit boring and grey, but it passes quick every year. We are already entering christmas week. But some places have been prepered a for a long time now. I went to London in early November and there was a lot of decorations. Wonderful but yet a bit early for me.

This photos are taken in Leadenhall market in the middle of City.




The perfect place for a coffee -Knäppingsborg


In Norrköping, Sweden, this wonderful place is situated, it is called Knäppingsborg and are just perfect for a cup of coffee. It is some old houses and shops, places to take a rest and so on. I love the place were we stopped, the chairs are Fermob, a french brand, real lovely.



Some wonderful chairs.


Looking up.