180/365: 312 titta här! (look here)

Wow, look here!

Look here what I found this morning, when I was taking a walk and arrived at the marina: it was all frosty, already… I must say it adds some special beauty to things, that glimmering, ice cold frost. The sun really reinforce the glimmering:)

Titta här vad jag såg i morse när jag tog min promenad och kom till småbåtshamnen: allt täckt med frost, redan… Men ändå: det blir väldigt vackert med den glittrande, kalla frosten. Solen förstärker verkligen glittret:)

look here

13 thoughts on “180/365: 312 titta här! (look here)

    1. Thank you very much! Unfortunately my Dahlias died… And now its much warmer again. Not much to do about it, just to wait for the next garden season:) Hope you are fine!

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