WordPress WPC rule of thirds

Photography is a lot about composition. This week we shall present photos that obey the rule of third. Which means getting away from centred objects.
To see more wonderful entries or to participate lease click on the link:
Weekly Photo Challenge

Please enjoy my photos for this weeks challenge:



20 thoughts on “WordPress WPC rule of thirds

  1. I love your comment form, how did you put this here? I have blogged for years and would love to have one. I also love your site, the photo’s for this weeks challenge are stunning. I am not good at photo’s and even though I am in the challenge, I don’t post many of my own as yu do. Keep up the great work. ~Jackie

    1. Thank you:) Sunsets are fascinating and might sometimes be hard to capture in “new” ways, though it’s always beautiful. Nice to get some new perspective:)

  2. Mycket lyckade foton! Det första är hänförande vackert och det andra är ett som man gärna betraktar ett tag.

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