Weekly photo challenge: contrast


A contrast might be a lot of different things. It might be a color different from the surrounding or a shadow. I might also be a lonely flower in the street and so on.

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Last evening I spent in one of my favorite places, situated in our archipelago. I went to a place where I have been many times, but it’s always amazing. This time there where a light wind and wonderful sounds from the sea. I always love the views, the smell from water and also the calmness it brings me.

Our weather is a bit moody this summer. We noticed it had just rained before we got there but the sun just returned. It created a wonderful evening light with great skies.

Of to the challenge now… The first to photos shows the same place at winter and now when it’s summer. You can spot a part of a cabin, that is  where the lighthouse personnel lived during the years 1867-1954. The belfry were used to warn ships in misty weather.

Next photo shows the lighthouse, I like the contrast between manmade and nature.

The lighthouse

The lighthouse

The last photo for this challenge shows a silhouette of a man standing on a rock just beside the lighthouse.


Silhouette on a rock

Now it’s time for a poll, please tell me which photo do you favor? You might use multiple choices. The poll is open until 10th of July 2014.

6 Responses to Weekly photo challenge: contrast

  1. There is a big difference between summer and winter. Is the water frozen in winter? It looks so different with the snow and the water you can’t barely see.

    • Yes the water is frozen, it was a very cold day with -16 °C. That winter was long and filled with ice and snow. Still it is beautiful I think.

  2. love the poll – it was fun – and when I setback from break I think I might try and use a couple of them too – how nice. and cool take on the contrast word.

    have a nice month of July – I will be back later to check in –
    happy blogging.

    • Thank you very much:) Yes the poll are rather fun, also to see the voting results… It is not difficult to use it and I think it gives some variation to my posts that mostly contains of photos…

      Have a great time during this month, and once more thank you for visiting:)

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