Good morning sunny day

Like the first sunny day… Every new day is just that… NEW and every sunny morning feels like e new beginning, filled with promises. A new sunny day! I love getting up early, also when…

Weekly Photo Challenge: as time flies

As time goes by… Time passes… Another year come and go: summer, autumn, winter, spring. Enjoy the day and embrace its beauty! We observe the pace of life while watching the seasons pass and the children grow….

Kerlundphoto seascape -still time for a christmasgift
An autumn visit to the sea

An autumn visit to the sea

Sunny days in October, autumn is showing its best side. A visit to the archipelago makes the soul feel good. The environment is so calm and the light is awesome. Soon November will come and there…

Seascape photographs for christmas?

Seascape photographs for christmas?

I hope you like my seascape photographs:) Its soon time to start looking for christmas gifts and I have now made a new collection in my Zazzle store where you can order a set of printed…

180/365: 312 titta här! (look here)

Wow, look here! Look here what I found this morning, when I was taking a walk and arrived at the marina: it was all frosty, already… I must say it adds some special beauty to…

178/365: 125 höstkväll (autumn evening)

Autumn evening -I love the darkness and burnings skies. Every sunset is unique and wonderful, a nature’s artwork. I usually gets in a hurry, looking out and observing an all red sky. It never lasts…

175/365: 25 bländad (blinded)

Blinded by nature Blinded by the sun in the morning. It was shining bright through the haze, when trekking in Cinque Terre, Italy. I have seen a lot of beautiful landscapes but this was really amazing….