It’s darkest before the sunrise

Waiting For the Sunrise

This time of the year is a dark period. In Sweden, we hardly get any daylight in December. But every year after the Holidays when celebrating Christmas with our families, the light returns.

And it will this year too. Christmas gives us time with the people we love, but it also brings us hope about lighter times. Hope about another summer to arrive.

I wish you all great Friday, where ever you are in the world and whatever season your in:) And remember: it’s always darkest before the sunrise. Take care!


180/365: 312 titta här! (look here)

Wow, look here!

Look here what I found this morning, when I was taking a walk and arrived at the marina: it was all frosty, already… I must say it adds some special beauty to things, that glimmering, ice cold frost. The sun really reinforce the glimmering:)

Titta här vad jag såg i morse när jag tog min promenad och kom till småbåtshamnen: allt täckt med frost, redan… Men ändå: det blir väldigt vackert med den glittrande, kalla frosten. Solen förstärker verkligen glittret:)

look here

Every sunrise is unique

Every sunrise is the beginning of a new day, a new lifcycle. Photos of both sunsets and sunrises are very common, but still none of them are exactly the same.

This saturday in December it is real cold outside, and a fantastic light and mood. And of course also unique:)

So this morning I decided to go out just before the sunrise and take some photos. Cold but indeed beautiful.

image image image