An old church and a clock tower

All buildings have their history and own “personality”. This church is build during the 13th century as far as we know, exact year is not known. The gate looks inviting and as I see it beautiful.


The church it self is built during the 13th century, as far as we know, but the excact year is not known. It is called “Allahelgonakyrkan” and is one out of two houses that did not get destructed during a fire in 1719. The rest of the town was completely ruined.

image image

I left the church and went up a hill, came across a clock tower, built in 1725. I think the maintainance could have been better but the red color is fantastic!





December sun in the archipelago

Just before lunchtime me and my children went out to the archipelago. It is nearby, only 15 minutes by car. A lot of rainy days is now followed by some sun. It was not even cold, looks like a day in March, except for the suns position, really low… We enjoyed some hot chocolate and I took some time with my camera. Fantastic day, a lot of new energy:-)


Some silhouettes in the backlight, my children and a lifebuoy situated near, feels safe…


What are they looking at, then? There was a lot of swans in the water.


Here just a few of them in a distans. Fantastic light today!

I captured a small isthmus as well, I do like the almost brown seagrass.


There was a lot of photos today, I will publish some more of them in my next post.


Sunny Stockholm in December

A few weeks ago, I went to see a sunny Stockholm. Sunshine is no usual weather in Sweden in December, but this day was really nice for a “photo walk”.

Although it was a sunny day, the wind was really cold, but there was no rain and hardly no clouds. December sun is very low down in the sky so it offers a special kind of light that I like a lot. Some of the photos from the old town in Stockholm you can se in my photo album called “Stockholm”. The Old town is a lovely place to visit.

Photos in this post is taken from outside the city hall.

Sunny Stockholm
Sunny Stockholm
Sunny Stockholm
Sunny Stockholm


Some more shadows


I love shadows. They tell you some things, others are for you to interpret for yourself. I have mentioned here before that I do like abstract art and photos. I like to have some freedom in my interpretion of e picture. But still I like photos and art whit lots of detail and so on, ofcourse, even that shows in my blog:)

In todays world everyone expose themselves, their loved ones in many ways, all of the time and in a lot of different medias. Photos of people are very common, so I think that shadows is a refined variation on that theme;)

The first photos is taken on a bridge in an early summer morning, second is from last winter.



Need more time

I think about this summer, free and on vacation. I hade a lot of time to be out with my camera. Nice time:) Today is saturday and my goal l is to get some great photos. Might not be any pictures but I do will have a day outside.

This photo do have som sunshine for you and also some happy colors. I think we need some of this in November.



First photo coming up

My first post in this blog. I hope that you will enjoy following my trip through the wonderful world of pictures.

Stenar och is

Last spring I took this picture out in the archipelago of Sweden. I love the contrast between the hard stones and the water. Ice is starting to surrender to the sun, there is a lot of hope in this photo. And I will try to keep on that mood in this blog!