Weekly Photo Challenge: Season

Time for a new Season

Hopeful times ahead… For me this is the time of the year when the light slowly returns after some month hidden in darkness. Soon spring will arrive and the sun starts to warm up the frozen ground. Lovely times are coming. This week the children in Sweden have a week of. Many people go to the north skiing. It ‘s usually a great time to be outside, warming sun and some snow, a lot of light for us who haven’t had any for a while:)

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Leaves and trees, a photo trip around the year

-Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Leaves and Trees-

Welcome to my entry of this weeks challenge and the theme leaves and trees. Please click the link above to read more about this challenge.

This time I chose to pick one photo for each season of the year beginning with present season; spring, next is summer, autumn and I finish up with winter.

leaves and trees
Springtime leaves in evening light
leaves and trees
A cloudy summer day
leaves and trees
Autumn leaves
leaves and trees
Trees in snow

All seasons are beautiful of course, but which is your favorite season? If you like to, please vote below. I think I love all seasons when I’m actually are there but I favor springtime a little more. Everything wakes up, gets green, flowers everywhere. Some happy feeling is bubbling inside when I see all wonderful things that happens around me. But let’s go on and tell me your favorite and if you like to, please share why in the comments field.