2 av 365: 357 Återkommande (recurrent)

Andra posten i utmaningen, denna gång tema återkommande. Ett tema som jag kanske gjort lite väl enkelt för mig, men det finns ju gott om kluriga teman framöver så jag kör en “mjukstart”.

Day 2 of the photo challenge, the theme is recurrent and I chased something seasonal. I might have made it easy for myself on this one, but there are plenty of tricky themes later on…



Longing for winter to arrive

I have started to long for winter to arrive.

This autumn has been warm but last weeks it has been extremely dull and grey. Some photos from some winter days light up. Especially when Christmas is coming up, the grey days seems to be so wrong:)

In my archives I have found some sparkling white landscapes from the past few years. They make me happy and also give hope for some change to come. I know there have been a lot of snowing in other parts of the world lately, and of course it might be too much snow as well…

But I hope you will enjoy theses photos whether you have some winter or not.

Winter in the eastcoast of Sweden
Winter in the eastcoast of Sweden


Ice cold morning by the sea

A sparkling day