Weekly Photo Challenge: threshold

-Weekly Photo Challenge: threshold 

This is my entry in WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme is threshold. To read more about this challenge, please click on the link above.

Thresholds can be many things; a travel, a new phase in life or maybe a threshold to a house. This week I have chosen some photos of different buildings, there is threshold to enter. When it comes to the photo of the church I like it to be a symbol for new phases in life; christening, marriage and even funerals.

Do enjoy my photos, all taken in Provence, France. The last one is just for fun, it shows the “threshold” to our tent:-)



I love houses, they all have their own history and “soul”, just like people. Walls can be like paintings with rough surfaces, windows and doors tell their stories as well. In my album “Stockholm” are some houses I took pictures of last week. Here are some more, with a little more summer feeling:) Theese are taken in Provence, France, last summer. I was travelling by bike and it is a great way to see things and also get the chance to take a lot of photos.