13 av 365: 126 i farten (on the move)

13e temat och denna gång har jag valt att tolka “i farten”. Det vore kul att höra om ni ser vad bilden föreställer! Det är inte svårt men jag är nyfiken på om det är uppenbart eller inte…

Day 13 of 365 in my photo challenge. Todays interpretation is for the theme “on the move”. It would be great to hear your thoughts about what the picture present! It’s not hard, I am just curious to see if it is obvious or not…


Weekly photo challenge; on the move

On the move

-Weekly photo challenge-

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I have chosen a few different ways to be on the move, on land and at sea. Both photos of boats at sea are taken outside Venice, from the island Lido. The first photo shows some speed boats racing just outside the harbor. The second sea photo shows a water bus or Vaporetto, the way to transport people in and outside Venice.

The other two photos are taken in London, one at a market where some person are just rushing by and the other photo shows one of the “new” buses in London. OT but I think that design is rather cool:)

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