Light up the dark December evening

A December evening walk

This December evening I took a walk in the dark.

I was feeling happy because I have, finally bought a tripod, earlier I have borrowed one…

I went out with my new investment in the dark evening to shot some “cool” moving lights. Unfortunately this evening was not a evening when people was moving around in cars, I guess they preferred to stay home. But I caught some cars with a small aperture and bulb setting on my camera.

I have not had so much time to take photos at all lately so I feel satisfied just getting out. My time is now occupied with work, and studies. I have began an education in Digital Design, very interesting and a lot of fun. Creative things to study, but it really eats my time… Here you can find the first step toward a portfolio that I have to create during the education: Kerlundesign

Just two of my photos from this evening, I think I could have done better, but I will keep trying.

December evening


February rain

I have not been taken any photos for several weeks now. Today my plan was to get a lot of photos from a wonderful place by the creek. I got about ten photos, then the rain was start to fall. A lot of rain… February is supposed to be a month with lots of snow, but not this year. Well here are my best shots of today.    Minstad




Here the “fun” ends and I return home:Grådask


Catching a movement

Borough market by Mwap38
I like to catch movements in my photos. But often the result is not the expected and I have to try again and again. In this photo I think I have made a great work. Sharpness and great depht and a “Natural movement”. Makes the photo a bit more exiting than if there wouldn’t be any movement, don’t you think? The picture is taken at the Borough Market in London when I was there a few weeks ago.
When you need to have a longer exposure to catch a movment, think about the importance of having a tripod or something else to place your camera on. If you handhold it and make some movement yourself, the hole picture might be unsharp instead of just the moving “target”.