A survivor from the summer -Morning Glory

Growing Morning Glory inside

Not by purpose though… But it is rather awesome to have these lovely flowers inside, they bring color into our house.

When we where taking some of our pots with citrus inside for the winter, we where surprised…

In one of the pots a new plant started to grow, and grow. It turned out it was the beautiful Morning Glory that was growing in our living room. A miracle that reminds us of summer and warmer days. On the photos in this post the flower where bathing in sunlight, the late morning light in October. Such a survivor, nature always finds its ways and I love it.

I first discovered these flowers in A small town i south of France. I fell in love with this colorful flowers, and since I have been growing them in my garden during summer. Some might say they behave like weeds, but I like them anyway:)

Another post, with a photo of this amazing flower, taken in my garden, not inside: Weekly Photo Challenge, New

Morning glory

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

A new day has come

Every morning they live. Every evening they pass away.

Every day I find a new Morning glory. And it always dies before sunset. Every day during summer.

Morning glory is one of my favorite flowers, so beautiful and vivid while they live their short life.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, this is my entry in the weekly photo challenge, if you like to see more, or participate, please click on the link.


How is quality retained in iphone photography?

I seldom do iphone photography, but I do have done it a few times. The result can actually be great. When there is good light conditions one can get rather sharp photos. There might be some reolution problems if you try to enlarge them or print them. The photos I will show you here actually keep acceptable quality even when I print them. They all have one thing in common. There is a backlight from the sun in them. I do prefer shooting with my digital system camera, but there is a saying; the photos that are taken are better then no photos. I agree, in some cases… So do you think the quality in this photos are OK?

Poppys in backlight



Leaves in backligth

Summer evening


Morning glory

Morning Glory in a windowsill