Hiking with a view: Lake Como

Hiking with a view: Lake Como

Wonderful Lake Como This summer we went to Lake Como for hiking and enjoying the lake:) We stayed in a small village: Varenna from where it is possible to do several hiking trips. All trails is…

In the frame for a long time

Frame in an old castle While visiting Varenna, by the lake Como we where hiking in the mountains. One day we visited an old castle, Castello di vezio, situated on e hill above the city….

Travel theme: weather

There is no such thing as bad weather:) This summer we spent a week by the Como Lake in Italy. It offered different kinds of weather for us. Most of the days where sunny and hot, but one night we…

Views over three small villages

In Cinque Terre there where, as the name gives us a hint about, five villages. And as I told you in my last post we where hiking between the villages and partly it was som…

Colorful details in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre -a dream comes true I have longed for going to Cinque Terre for years and when I finally got to book my trip I was afraid that I was going to get disappointed….

175/365: 25 bländad (blinded)

Blinded by nature Blinded by the sun in the morning. It was shining bright through the haze, when trekking in Cinque Terre, Italy. I have seen a lot of beautiful landscapes but this was really amazing….

Travel theme: Romance

I can hardly imagine anything more romantic than Italy. I been there 5 times now and just love it. Last summer we went to Lido, an Island just outside Venice. These photos I took from…

Walking around Lido

During the week in Italy we lived in Lido de Venezia, a small island just across the water from Venice. It was a nice experience, not so many tourists and some great thing to see….