Flickr Explored -a mystery?

Now and then my photos gets on Flickr Explored. I have read that there is some algorithm that picks the 500 photos every day. Is it an honor to be “chosen” or is it just luck? Can an algorithm tell if a photo is good?

I think there might be settings when taking the photo that can tell, partly. Then we have composition, which I think makes an important difference between a “good” and “bad” photo. Composition can be everything… Maybe there is an algorithm for composition too? And we also have focus point and so on…

I almost knew before my photos were picked, I have noticed that sunsets, sunrises and so on are quite common in Explore, but not just that of course. However I can’t deny that it makes me happy to get my photos on Explored. Explored drives a lot of traffic to the photo, lot of views and that is actually nice:)

In this post I have picked 8 of my photos on Explored and I hope you will enjoy them. Please take some time to vote in the poll below, it’s interesting to see your opinion. I am not sure if those really are “my best photos”, can algorithms decide that? Feel free to write down your opinion in the comments field.

Morning in the archipelago (explored)

Burning evening skies (explored)

Mallorca sunset (explored)

Leadenhall market (Explored)

Dancing in the sunset (explored)

Lives for just one day [explored]

Red berries (explored)

Old town, Stockholm (explored)


I wonder about the “Explored”. It is a strange phenomenon. I have got 6 photos there during the last week. Earlier it’s just 3 before in all time. I know that there is some statistics in it and that “they” sort out  the photos that have a lot of views, but still it is a mystery:) Maybe this gives a hint; wikihow. Or just keep on taking photos because it is so much fun! Chasing the Explore will maybe ruin all the happines in my work.

My latest picture on Explored is this one:


It is taken outside the City Hall in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have taken been experimenting some with shadows before. I think they can be  interesting. And make interesting photos. Here is another example of that:

Photographer by Mwap38