A new day begins and brings new opportunities

A new day begins

Time for me to build on another post, a post about celebrating a new day (read it here). The video clip below is made from my photos in very different seasons, all beautiful…

New day –brings promises

New day –brings hope

New day –brings curiosity and expectation 

I slowly wake up and realize I have been given a new day. I have to enjoy and hold that feeling for a while. Gather some strength to face the new day and to rise up from bed.

I rise and wonder what this new day has prepared for me, another unwritten page in my book of life, I can hardly wait…

new day begins
Good morning

New day –give me a smile!

New day –give me something joyful!

New day –give me something beautiful!

I chose to have all that when the new day begins. I promise myself to smile, to do something joyful and to see all the beauty in the world. How about you?


Beautiful early mornings

Working often means many early mornings, wich is not always bad. I love the morning haze. I travel 25 km each morning and start of at 06.00. This is, for me, early. The road to work have some wonderful views, it goes along the archipelago. In some places there is a possibility to stop, park the car and go out to enjoy the beautiful morning by the sea. The feeling is close to magic, the photos below are taken  in August, when the mornings often contains som haze. The cold ground and water meets the rising sun, and warms up. Life is great:)

In the first two photos I have captured in two different early mornings with a light haze. Taken at 06.30. The last one is taken in the same time of the year and day but with no haze. The last photo is a personal favorite.

Early morning by Mwap38