By the waterfront

Another grey day by the waterfront, some more photos with long exposure, small aperture and a tripod… It is rather challenging to shoot this days. It is much easier to get “good” photos in a sunny summer morning… But challenging is fun, I do like it when I manage to get some “good” photos in these conditions to:-) In the first one I like the blue color, it gives a mystic atmosphere.




And finally I found something that lightened up things a bit:-)


First “photo walk” this year

I woke up yesterday and looked out on a very grey world. We were promised a sunny 1st of January, but it was not. However, I went out for a walk to get some air and maybe some photos. Grey weather is not my favorite weather… But here it is, the first walk of 2014:



After a while I spotted something different, a pink limo:


I went on into the forest, and as I see it this tree have seen better days:


Trees are beautiful anyway, especially the naked branches aginst the sky. This one in B&W:


The last photos shows a shape to mould boats, interesting pattern and color, a bit abstract photos:

1_1_6 1_1_7