In the frame for a long time

Frame in an old castle

While visiting Varenna, by the lake Como we where hiking in the mountains. One day we visited an old castle, Castello di vezio, situated on e hill above the city. Here we found some statues that was a bit different from the others we saw on the trip. They was where simplified and without faces. This one was sitting “in” the wall of the castle. You can read more about the Castel here.

This post is an entry in the weekly photo challenge, this weeks theme is frame. See more entries here.


41/365: 335 utsiktsplats (view)

41/365. Denna utsikt mötte mig efter att ha “klättrat” upp för stairway to heaven;) Slottet började byggas på 1100-talet. 1655 brann slottet. Endast delar av slottet återstod och renoverades inte förrän på 1900-talet och används nu som museum och till teater på sommaren.

Theme 41 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for “view”. This is the view that I captured after “climbing” the stairway to heaven;) The construction of this castle began in the 12th century. In 1655 it burned down. Only some parts of the buildings was left, in the 20th century it was restored and are now used as a museum and for some theaters in the summer.