Sunshine award

I have been nominated to the “Sunshine award” for being positive and inspiring, that is an honor, really!



I like to send a huge thank you to Sadness Theory for nominating me:) Check out her blog, a creative musician with lot of inspiring posts and music to listen to.

In the nomination comes that I have to tell you 10 things about myself so here we go:

  1. I’m born in Sweden, where I have lived for my whole life.
  2. I have two wonderful kids.
  3. My parents live nearby, still in the town I was born.
  4. I love Italy, my favorite country for vacations.
  5. My mother is from Finland so I am not all Swedish:)
  6. I love fairy tales and butterflies, which my kids like a lot!
  7. I am a garden enthusiast and a huge photo fan. Which includes both taking photos and looking at others to get inspiration.
  8. I’m addicted to Pinterest.
  9. A place I always dreamt of; Paris, I’m finally going there this summer.
  10. My favorite food is sushi.

The nomination also includes giving the nomination to 10 other blogs that inspires me, here they come:



Håkan Dahlström Photography

Ritva’s Art 

Destino: La Naturaleza

Jag Gör Världen Vackrare

Louis’ Page

A Walk With My Camera

Ana Linden

Cee’s Photography

Ones again, many thank’s for the nomination!

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