I wonder about the “Explored”. It is a strange phenomenon. I have got 6 photos there during the last week. Earlier it’s just 3 before in all time. I know that there is some statistics in it and that “they” sort out  the photos that have a lot of views, but still it is a mystery:) Maybe this gives a hint; wikihow. Or just keep on taking photos because it is so much fun! Chasing the Explore will maybe ruin all the happines in my work.

My latest picture on Explored is this one:


It is taken outside the City Hall in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have taken been experimenting some with shadows before. I think they can be  interesting. And make interesting photos. Here is another example of that:

Photographer by Mwap38


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    1. Ja jag älskar att fota skuggor. Svårt att få det bra, men ibland blir det fullträff. Ger så härliga kontraster och viss spänning i bilderna.

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