A springtime evening by the water

We have had some lovely days lately. 18 °C and sunshine all days long. Not an ordinary temperature for April in Sweden… This has brought us an early feeling of summer. The trees are soon all green and the Magnolia is in blossom. I love the sun and to be outside and just feel the warm and gentle air against my skin. To hear the birds singing and bubble of joy and happiness. To see my cat lie in the grass; there is no other animal that can enjoy life more than a cat!

Springtime evening

All this have given some really warm evenings. The best thing I now is to take a stroll down by the waterfront with a camera in my hand. The late sun gives a soft and warm light. When there is no wind the reflections are just wonderful.

I will post some of the photos from tonight, I hope they show some of the fantastic mood I experienced by the water this springtime evening, almost magic. There was all calm and suddenly a boat came across the water, leaving some small, soft waves. When I returned home the sun had set behind the houses, I captured a Magnolia flower ready to rest for the night.




15 thoughts on “A springtime evening by the water

    1. Hm, yes it does that after a while. Better enjoy the good weather as long as it lasts:) Thank you for your comment!

  1. So maybe I’m blind, but I’ve looked everywhere for a follow button that will make your posts show up in my reader and I can’t find one. I see the place to follow via email, but I don’t often check email so that won’t work. Am I missing something, or is there no way to simply follow your account on wordpress?

    1. My sight is not a wordpress.com sight… I see that some people are following me on wordpress and I guess that they have chosen to follow by RSS, it is possible to chose that among my other “social icons” on the sidebar. I have got this question at some point before and I think I maybe ask it in the commons to see what answer we can get. Thank you for showing interest in my blog and I will try to look into this issue!

    2. Now i think I know how to do this, thank’s to Jill’s scene:) In the reader, go to “blogs I follow” and edit. There you can type in an url and click follow. I hope that works, she managed to follow me that way.

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