Problems with my site

I have recently had some problems with this site. There have been some conflict with some plugins that I now hopefully have found and deactivated. I apologize for the inconvenience it might have caused you when visiting kerlundphoto. I hope that now things will be back to normal, with another theme… Thank you for reading and welcome back!


Going offline for a few days

There will not be any Thursday and Saturday posts this week, I will not be online. I’m heading for Paris and I will bring my camera. My goal is to get some photos that not has been taken to many times… Many things in Paris have been pictured many times. At least I like to get some new or different perspectives, I have to be creative and hope that the promised rain don’t fall on us;)

I will get back here next week, hopefully with a travel report in photos, I wish for you all a great week till I see you!

Happy easter photography

Happy easter!

I have had some days of this week and I have been really busy… I found som DIY-tips about how to use “organic color” for our happy easter eggs (to read more follow this link). Which was a success to try with kids! We have used pepper, onion, blueberries, spinach and cranberries. We putted each ingredient into water and some vinegar and boiled for a while. After that it was just to put the eggs in. It took a while but we got some really nice easter colors on our eggs. My kids mixed and poured some color into other colors so we got some shades and variations on the eggs. Really fun and also very colorful all over the place… We had a good time!

With this I like to wish all of you a happy easter!

Here are a photo of our wonderful eggs;

Happy Easter

I hope you all get some time of and that you are able to spend it with someone dear to you:)

Happy easter


Enter The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is my first time participating in The Ultimate Blog Party! It starts today and lasts until April 11, 2014. A think it sounds like a lot of great opportunities to get new blog connections and find a lot of interesting blogs:) And of course a great way to grow my community. I will take part as much as I can, I will enjoy all creative blogs and interesting things other mothers share.

Ultimate Blog Party 2014


I am a mother of two girls. I am divorced and live with my children only half the time. Every second week they spend with their father. I like to see the positive sides in all things so this gives me great opportunities to work a lot and also spend time with photography and social medias. When my children are here I spend all my time with them.

I work with at an education company. We educate (train) adults to perform their tasks in their occupation. I have  been reading about and taken classes in working with ICT in education. This is of great interest for me and I love to share some thoughts about ICT and how to use it in a way that improve learning. More about ICT are to be found here; Why using ICT for education, how practice it? and Why Blended Learning? Isn’t just ICT enough?, How to improve my technological knowledge to use ICT in education?

Anyway; nice to be here and join this party!

I will bring a lot of coffee and just relax and read all your fantastic blogs:)

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Back to Femöre, Oxelösund

This time it is much colder, still fantastic views, as it always is of course. The light is a bit different, I think, with snow and ice in a really cold day in January. I hope it is not hard to get why I love this place so much. If you ever visit Sweden, do go to the east coast and out in the archipelago. It is stunning all times of year. I will come back here later this year to give you some photos that show how the summer looks out there…


DSC_0111Same house and clock tower as in my last post.



I just love the small glimmer of the warm colored stones. They makes a wonderful contrast in this light and white environment, does it not?




A black and white experience in Linköping

On my trips, far away, and close, I like to see and shoot photos of houses. This is some old houses in Linköping, and I do believe that black and white suits that old style well.

What is the thing about houses then? I am not sure but I think they all tells a story. They are all individuals whit marks of weather and time and so on. You can tell if a house have been loved or ignored, it sure is fascinating!







How is quality retained in iphone photography?

I seldom do iphone photography, but I do have done it a few times. The result can actually be great. When there is good light conditions one can get rather sharp photos. There might be some reolution problems if you try to enlarge them or print them. The photos I will show you here actually keep acceptable quality even when I print them. They all have one thing in common. There is a backlight from the sun in them. I do prefer shooting with my digital system camera, but there is a saying; the photos that are taken are better then no photos. I agree, in some cases… So do you think the quality in this photos are OK?

Poppys in backlight



Leaves in backligth

Summer evening


Morning glory

Morning Glory in a windowsill

Sunlight on leaves -like a painting

I just love to see the effect of sunlight on leaves. It is sort of nature as it’s best. Leaves are transparant and thin, the light goes right thru it. That makes great photos, sometimes a bit abstract and also artistic.
Here are a few examples of photos I have taken, often whit the sun in front of me. Makes it a bit tricky to get details, sometimes it can be a lot of silouttes and shadows, wich I wants sometimes, but not in theese cases.
Red colors by Mwap38