WPC: Gone, but not forgotten

Gone, but not forgotten might be a bit sad…
And it might bring some bright memories.
It also might bring us back to another life, at least that is what it seems like…

For this weeks theme I chose something personal and something from a period when I was taking photos mainly for documentation. I lived in a wonderful place on the countryside. My garden was my biggest passion. Photos were taken every year to see the differences and to plan for the next season. I miss that place a lot, even five years after I moved away from there. But I miss it with bright and joyful memories. Everything in life have it’s time and place and every new passage brings new joys and opportunities.

The best time in the garden was spring and early summer and the cherry tree blossoms where amazing:)

Of course I would like to have such a wonderful garden some other time, but till then I can enjoy my photos:)

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Time for a break?
Time for a break?
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom
Gone, but not forgotten
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom


Weekly photo challenge: converge

Converge this weeks theme in the weekly photo challenge (click on the link to read more).

The theme seamed easy at first… Then it seamed difficult… And at last I had to decide, but I still could not choose which approach I should have. The result is shown below, my entry this weeks consists of two photos from some seascapes with wonderful lines and vanishing points.

The other photos shows a lot of lines, different shapes and horizons, they are taken in Paris.

I hope you enjoy my photos and that you also get some inspiration to participate in the challenge this week.



Longing for winter to arrive

I have started to long for winter to arrive.

This autumn has been warm but last weeks it has been extremely dull and grey. Some photos from some winter days light up. Especially when Christmas is coming up, the grey days seems to be so wrong:)

In my archives I have found some sparkling white landscapes from the past few years. They make me happy and also give hope for some change to come. I know there have been a lot of snowing in other parts of the world lately, and of course it might be too much snow as well…

But I hope you will enjoy theses photos whether you have some winter or not.

Winter in the eastcoast of Sweden
Winter in the eastcoast of Sweden


Ice cold morning by the sea

A sparkling day

Weekly photo challenge: angular

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This post is my entry in weekly photo challenge. This weeks theme is angular. The photos show houses with and from different angles.

I love houses and all angles they make. Between windows, walls and other houses. Here are some examples and I have a lot more:) I hope you enjoy these, it was not easy to just pick some…

Rooftops in Linköping, Sweden

View from a hotel in Paris


Flickr Explored -a mystery?

Now and then my photos gets on Flickr Explored. I have read that there is some algorithm that picks the 500 photos every day. Is it an honor to be “chosen” or is it just luck? Can an algorithm tell if a photo is good?

I think there might be settings when taking the photo that can tell, partly. Then we have composition, which I think makes an important difference between a “good” and “bad” photo. Composition can be everything… Maybe there is an algorithm for composition too? And we also have focus point and so on…

I almost knew before my photos were picked, I have noticed that sunsets, sunrises and so on are quite common in Explore, but not just that of course. However I can’t deny that it makes me happy to get my photos on Explored. Explored drives a lot of traffic to the photo, lot of views and that is actually nice:)

In this post I have picked 8 of my photos on Explored and I hope you will enjoy them. Please take some time to vote in the poll below, it’s interesting to see your opinion. I am not sure if those really are “my best photos”, can algorithms decide that? Feel free to write down your opinion in the comments field.

Morning in the archipelago (explored)

Burning evening skies (explored)

Mallorca sunset (explored)

Leadenhall market (Explored)

Dancing in the sunset (explored)

Lives for just one day [explored]

Red berries (explored)

Old town, Stockholm (explored)


An autumn walk by the seaside

Seaside walk

I love to walk by the seaside, all seasons, but especially autumn is a great time for long walks, recreation and to recover. Dark evenings and mornings make us go inside and have a peace and calming life while slowing down. It is highly needed and also enjoyable. If you ask me… Nature goes in to the same mood as I do and I love to walk outside and just enjoy the autumn sights.

The photos in this post is taken a few weeks a go when I was walking for a couple of hours. We have had a warm autumn this year and it has been very nice weather this far. But now I must say I beginning to long for some cold and snowy weather, it is about time:)

Click on any photo to see them all in original size, one by one.

Summer color

Splashes of summer colors in a autumn day

Those last summer colors…

This post about “summer colors” were supposed to be written last weekend. But once again I have been struggling with some technical issues. This time I could not upload photos, wich is a very bad thing in a blog with photos, isn’t it?

Anyway, now it is solved, something about my rights, set by the web host. Enough about that for now.

Last saturday I went out to my garden for inspiration and also to make some cleaning up before winter is here. I found a lot of various colors, small splashes of summer colors in a very grey autumn day. Lovely and enjoyable:) I love my summer garden and will miss it when it’s gone. But on the other hand: winter and snow can be really lovely too.

Here are a selection of my last flowers for this season, I hope you will enjoy them. And I hope that you might sence how wonderful they look out there in all the grey and brown autumn days.


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